Sunday, April 01, 2007

Early Sunday Morning

My lack of anything substantial here lately is just because of some spring fever and more time spent outdoors. It's a little early yet, but I'm chomping at the bit to get some plants in the ground so I've just kind of been staring at the yard wistfully while doing some pruning, raking, cleaning and such in anticipation of gardening season.

Dee had a pretty good week last week in terms of being able to manage through her pain for date night with Don. It was like one of the usual evenings before the joint pain started back in October with Dee and Don doing it in just about every position they enjoy and with Dee diving for his cock with her mouth while they were switching from one style to another.

Dee let out the loudest pleasurable groan ever while Don was fucking her ass; finally a sound loud enough to be heard in the next room if anybody was there. Though I'm sure I've seen them do anal over 100 times by now, when Don puts his cock into Dee's asshole, "irons out the wrinkles" with his girth, and goes in between her buns balls deep with every firm thrust, I continue to be amazed by it all in contrast to the old Dee to whom even the mere thought of anal sex was seriously repulsive. "That's it! Fuck my ass, baby! I want you to cum deep in my ass!" When I hear something like that coming out of my wife's cute little mouth, it just wows me.

Don's cock slides out of Dee's ass after filling
her butt with a load of hot cum at her urging.

I'm thrilled that Dee enjoys sex every bit as much as I do, and that she accepts the pleasures given to her by her lovers as generously as they bestow them on her. When we started sharing her with other men, one of my main voiced reasons for wanting to do so was to allow Dee to make up for the sixteen years during which she got little emotional fulfillment from having sex. That's why seeing her enjoying those pleasures still gives me an amazing rush each time she indulges in them. It's the same joy one feels when watching his tots go round and around on some amusement park ride with true joy evident in the huge grins on their little faces because it's nearly as much of a thrill as riding the roller coaster yourself.

I continue to encourage every husband out there who dreams of watching his wife having sex with another man to keep thinking about it, keep making little hints, keep encouraging her to open her mind to the amazingly pleasurable possibilities. Though this blog is where I try to express the wonderful things I feel as a hot wife husband, I've not even come close yet to doing so adequately.

Here I am enjoying myself thoroughly while Don's pounding
Dee's pussy with deep, firm thrusts of his beautiful hard cock.

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Mac said...

Was beginning to get worried about you Joe. Glad it's just spring fever and nothing serious. Beautiful pictures as always. Mac

Willy said...

I was just thinking....Don is a pretty lucky guy too!!

Alfie said...

Wow! I love reading your blog. Even though I couldn't bear the thought of sharing Emm, I can certainly understand the attraction, having seen and read about you and Dee.