Monday, April 09, 2007

Mercy Me!

I wrote recently about the thrill I get from teasing a guy's cock and balls. I've especially enjoyed the oral "pre-game shows" I've been doing with Mike lately when he comes to our house before dinner and we wait together for Dee to get home. That half hour or so of licking and sucking him, but keeping him just short of climax so he can cum with Dee after we eat, really gets my juices flowing.

With both Don and Mike we had a few sessions during which we tied Dee up and teased her, and they were quite stimulating. When we turned the tables, though, and did the same to Mike, it was much more arousing to me. There's just something about a very hard cock poking up that screams "Touch me!" more desperately than a stiff clitoris seems to manage. The more a stiff dick seems to need to be touched, though, the more I find myself fantasizing about NOT touching it, but rather about doing things like licking way down under a guy's balls, to make his pulsing cock want that touch even more.

All Mike could do was lie there with his aching cock erect but
untouched while Dee stripped slowly and rubbed her body all over him.

As a kid, whenever I got my grubby little mitts on a new dirty magazine, my goal was to see how long and how many times I could keep coming close to cumming without going over the edge. I didn't time it nor count the near imminent spills - I just knew that the longer I could last and the more times I could get myself close and then slow down, the better my eventual orgasm to ejaculation would be. I think that's why seeing a guy almost to tears with the need to cum excites me as it does - because I know that his eventual release will be worth writing home about.

I was powerfully aroused watching Dee tease Mike to no end for
a long time while he was tied to the chair. Even here she's just
giving his hard cock a quick "taste" of her pussy before returning
to her knees to tease him some more with her lips and tongue.

If I ever find that regular jack off buddy I'd like to have, I hope I'll be in a place and time when I can play with him at leisure - to build his urge to climax over the course of a few hours before taking him over the edge of that ultimate pleasure and making his cock go off like a cannon.

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Blissfully Wed said...

As always, wonderfully written. And Dee looks fantastic.


bad influence girl said...

i love men who do that... i love it because then when we're having sex they actually last... so lovely

and that's just how i like to play with a penis so why am i called a tease when i do it?


GeorgeVanna said...

Always enjoy your prose, Joe.