Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big 'n' Thick

Oddly, sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for Bill, the guy to whom Dee was engaged to be married when I met her, especially because they were sexually active together and then suddenly he was cut off from her affections and her sweet body all at once when she called off their engagement to date me. I never knew that much about their sex except for Dee's telling that he had an enormous cock that hurt every time he put it into her pussy. She said that he had to start fingering her hole and work his way up to a few fingers to get her sufficiently wet and relaxed before he could even try to approach her vagina with the hefty girth of his dick at full erection. I was taken aback somewhat when Dee took me out of my pants and saw my cock for the first time and remarked that it would be just right because of its being of average size. Ironically, now a cock the size of Bill's would probably rock Dee off the bed with some intense orgasms, but he's the one guy I think I'd never be able to share her with because he's the only guy other than me with whom Dee was "in love" when they made love.

Dee at age 19 on her dorm bed. Bill fucked Dee in this very spot
for the last time just a few weeks before I took this picture and she
and I did it for the first time right here only a few days later.

Admittedly, it excited me greatly to know that Bill was so big and that his huge cock had been in Dee's cunt more than once. It still does when I think about it. When we started sharing her I'd hoped someday to find a guy with a really big one to pleasure her and to give me an idea of what it must have looked like when Bill's dick pierced her tight little bottom. I've seen her take great delight in fucking cocks longer than mine and thicker than mine, but I've yet to see her enjoy one both substantially longer and thicker. I don't have many fantasies left, but that's one of them.

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D said...

Oh, my, my. That is a beautiful picture of a 19 yr. old Dee. I'm sure that you fantasy will maybe come true one day, Joe. Do you think Dee would enjoy one as large as Bill today? Mac

Alfie said...

That is one gorgeous picture! And it's well worth negotiating an eight-letter verification to tell you so. I think xwqtsoib must be the Polish word for cunnilingus.