Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dee's First Time on a Lover's Own Bed

Dee's been making love with Mike regularly since December of 2003 and when she made him cum for the very first time - in her mouth while Don was fucking her doggie style - I knew he was going to be a "keeper." As the evening passed Mike and Dee made love twice, and there was something obviously special happening between them, especially in those moments when Dee brought him to climax inside her pussy each time. They connected emotionally as they joined together physically that first time and even in just witnessing it I was floating as high off the floor (or bed) as they were. Too often we can tell when we meet a guy that in spite of his assurances that he'll see us again, once he's "gotten it out of his system" we'll likely not even get a nice bread and butter letter from him afterwards. Not Mike, though. As we parted ways that first night we met him I knew that he was going to become as much a part of our lives as Don had become, and in seeing how beautifully Dee and Mike touched each other so fully in their coupling, I welcomed him into our relationship with open arms.

As the weeks went by and Dee began to make love with Mike regularly I knew that eventually there would come a time when Mike would make love with Dee here on our bed at home and as we awaited that opportunity I couldn't wait for it to happen. There's something significantly meaningful in having one of Dee's lovers come here to our home, into our bedroom, onto that very bed where Dee and I have made love thousands of times. I've written at length here on a number of occasions about how when Dee is with a lover it moves me to great emotion when she gives herself to him as completely as she can without reservation, and when our own bed is where she does that the emotional high I feel is at its zenith. It was four months after we met Mike that we had the house all to ourselves and invited him to join us here, and, just as I had known that it would, our relationship with him grew even deeper after he made love with Dee here.

Because we have the kids at home not only is the chance to entertain one of the guys here at the house rare, but we're also limited when it comes to taking off and doing any traveling. If we could jump in the car, drive ten minutes, spend some quality time with a happy Dee charming the cum out of a guy's hard cock, and then arrive back at home ten minutes or so after his orgasm we might be able to get away with saying we went out window shopping by way of explaining our absence, but with Don a half hour's drive away and with Mike over an hour from here, we don't enjoy too many hot wife road trips. Though we've been to Don's house a number of times, we never had a chance to head down to Mike's until yesterday, but even when we went to bed on Friday evening we weren't sure if the logistics would be workable. Luckily, I awoke really early, during Dee's morning chat with Mike, and pointed out that if we got ready quickly and hit the road, we could do it all and still be back in time for lunch. It was a very excited Dee who ended her chat with Mike to get out of her clothes and under the warm spray of the shower. As I watched her get dressed I smiled in knowing that the next time I'd see her nude it would be in Mike's bedroom!

The trip to Mike's seemed to take forever as I rode with my cock somewhere between half mast and fully erect. With a lot of stressful stuff having gone on over the course of the past few weeks we'd not had a play date with Mike since the beginning of the month and both Dee and I were missing him. We arrived to find a cheerful Mike on his way out the door to greet us and after we got inside the house Mike gave us the nickel tour. Somewhere along the line as we went out back to the deck, and then back inside to move from room to room I felt like yelling, "Enough, already! Take her clothes off!" but I held my tongue knowing that the building sexual tension would just make the orgasms better all around. The tour ended, naturally, in Mike's bedroom and what a joy it was, finally, to be there in that special space where Mike chats with Dee every morning, writes so many of his e-mails to us, and goes to sleep every time he gets home from sharing an evening with us.

Even there in his room, the "tour" continued for a bit as Mike pointed out the various furnishings and shared little stories about them. Again I wanted to exclaim, "Kiss her already!" but smiled pleasantly in knowing that soon enough he would do just that and much more. The sexual tension was getting unbearable because I was rabidly horny from the moment I had awakened which was in part what prompted me to jump right to my feet and urge Dee to get ready to head down to Mike's. I wanted to cum. Needed to cum. But I wanted to watch Dee and Mike do all their wonderful forms of foreplay first, and I wanted to watch him fuck her till she was a pleading puddle of girl flesh begging him to empty all of his scalding cum into her churning pussy. No sooner would Mike's lips move to Dee's and his hands slip up inside her shirt than I'd have to take my pants off to ease the strain on my cock which felt hard enough to burst.

I had to take off my pants before Dee and Mike got to this point. It
was increasingly more uncomfortable to be so hard with them on.

When Dee's clothes started coming off Mike and she were kissing more passionately and it always excites me to see them kissing so deeply and hungrily. His fingers moved between her smooth, creamy thighs and into her cleft. Her hands disappeared down into Mike's sweat pants. These are the times when I feel most alive - most keenly aware of my own feelings and emotions. I can't communicate them, though it is always my most ardent wish to be able to do so. The best moments of my life so far have been those in which my wife has been making love with a man she loves. As her desire for Mike and his for her swelled in their kissing and touching my heart got as soft as my cock got hard. It was a perfect balance inside me as I watched them through the viewfinder of my camera. Soon! Soon enough I would ease my own stiff cock into my baby's warm hole - into the wet blend of our dear friend's cum and my wife's girl juice - to add my own thick cream to the mix.

As they stood in the middle of Mike's room kissing and fingering each other I thought of how cool it would be if Dee were to blow Mike in the very chair where he sits during their morning chats. Dee must have been reading my mind because no sooner had that thought crossed my mind than I saw her ease him back into the recliner and get onto her knees in front of him. I'm not really into domination and subservience and that whole scene, but it does excite me some when a woman (or a man for that matter) kneels before her lover to suck his dick. Dee rubbed Mike's thighs and moved her mouth closer. I heard him gasp softly as he felt Dee's lips close around his hard shaft. I heard him moan when her head began to bob in his lap. I watched my wife's mouth move up and down the length of her lover's magnificent cock and felt that familiar and amazing sense of nameless emotion well up inside me - that feeling that allows me to experience the same connectedness to the two of them that they're feeling toward each other. She sucked his cock beautifully - with passion - with feeling - with love! Then she asked if I wanted some. I got on my own knees before our friend and did what I'd just watched her do. I love sucking a hard dick, especially when belongs to a friend and he's about to put it into Dee.

It was as if Dee had read my mind when she sat Mike back into
his recliner and got onto her knees in front of him to suck his cock.

The party moved to Mike's bed. I sucked his cock some more while he and Dee kissed and he gave her tits a good work out with his hands, and then he gave Dee the first of many great orgasms she'd have during the course of their play when he went down on her. No sooner had Dee finished climaxing all over Mike's face than she urged him to put his cock inside her. He entered her slowly - affectionately, but as soon as Mike buried the full lenth of his shaft into Dee any thoughts he might have entertained about continuing things at a leisurely pace would prove to be futile. Dee wanted to be drilled hard, deep, and fast, and Mike obliged most wonderfully as she reached down to stroke his balls, and to urge him to fuck her with gusto - to gush the creamy testimony to his ultimate pleasure inside her. I took some pictures of them going at it and then set the camera down so I could sit alongside them on the bed and knead Mike's balls to further encourage him to climax. I heard him whisper to Dee that I was playing with his balls and that excited me even more. My fingers drifted between Mike's nuts and the cleft of Dee's ass each time he pushed into her and it wasn't long before I heard Mike groan his pleasure and then felt his cum start to drip down between Dee's buns even while he was still squirting inside her.

It was a most joyful occasion for all three of us. Mike had finally made love with Dee on his own bed and the wonderful bond we share with him seemed even deeper in the realization that they had just done it there. Mike stayed in Dee's pussy for a good while after he came, slowly working himself in and out of her. He eased his body back so I could see his cock moving through her labia and it glistened with Dee's juice and streaks of his own white cum. My cock was fully stiff and ready to plunge into Dee but when Mike finally slipped his dick out of her it was my tongue's desire that won out. With Dee's legs still apart I got on my belly between them and put my face to her just used bottom. I could smell Mike's cum on my wife's slick and engorged vulva and pushed my tongue up into her hole. She shuddered as I slid it out and snaked it up over her clitoris and within a few minutes I had her squirming all around on Mike's bed as I licked her to climax twice.

When Dee pushed my head away because her clit had gotten hyper-sensitive it was time for me to lie back and open my legs for some oral attention. Mike's bed provided us with a nice difference to our usual positions and half lying and half sitting with my back against the wall I was in the perfect position for Dee to kneel before me as she'd done with Mike earlier when he was in his comfy chair. I watched Dee's soft lips open and felt the dreamy warmth of her mouth engulf me. Her face was in perfect alignment with me and as she moved her lips up and down my shaft I could feel that most sensitive spot on the underside of my dick sliding across the textured surface of her tongue. It was maddeningly delicious and when she took me out of her mouth to lick and suck on my balls I knew that the fuck we were about to have on Mike's bed was going to be one worth writing home about - or writing to the blog about.

Dee knew when I was so ready that I was near climbing the walls with my desire to be in her pussy, and she also knew that the height and position of Mike's bed was going to rule out our usual adaptation of the missionary position with her upturned bottom near the side of the bed and my feet over the edge of the mattress. She got onto all fours and crawled up to the head of the bed presenting her sleek bare back and hot, round ass to me. I rubbed my glans up and down the length of her slit to moisten the tip and search out her opening and once I felt myself slip into the vestibule of her vagina the most gentle nudge slid me all the way inside her velvety pussy. The angle was perfect to create the most exquisite friction of my hyper aroused, prized flesh against the front wall of Dee's snatch and after a few pumps into her from behind I could feel my cock swelling up to an even more substantial girth.

Mike moved to Dee's side and she searched out his cock with her fingertips. I watched her stroke him and urge him to put his cock to her mouth. My urge to spray into Dee was keen, but I kept my composure when I felt her clamp down on me when her first climax hit. I pushed myself all the way inside so the forceful contractions of her orgasm wouldn't push me out and with deep but small strokes of my cock I kept her waves of pleasure rolling. When I was back in control I once again moved the full length of my shaft in and out of Dee's soft tunnel while watching her suck Mike briefly only to discover that the positioning wasn't quite right for her to continue. When she started to moved her little hand up and down his dick and I saw him getting good and stiff again I felt her once more squeeze my cock with her vise grip like cunt and start cumming. As I had done just moments before, I pushed my whole cock into her and then poked her with small, quick jabs deep inside till her orgasm was complete. This time, though, the spasms and contractions of her cumming brought me right to the edge of my own climax. When I started pumping her pussy full tilt again I took in the whole scene before me. My beautiful naked wife - her gorgeous bare back - her precious ass cheeks filling my hands - the sight of my cock driving in and out of her puffy labia, her little hand stroking her lover's dick back to erection. My first gush of cum into Dee had me near howling with the pleasure that coursed through me. All morning I'd waited for just this moment and there I was filling Dee up with my hot, thick cum on her lover's bed. It felt amazing. I can still feel some tingles in just thinking about it!

The second time Dee took Mike up into her pussy she laid him
back and eased her tight hole down onto his hard cock.

When my gooey cock slid out of Dee's juicy hole she was back at it with Mike a minute later, sucking his cock hungrily to get him ready for another ride inside her. My thighs were weak from fucking Dee for a relatively long time in a position I don't usually use so I collapsed back into Mike's recliner and watched her go to town on his cock with her mouth getting up only to watch her mount him and slide her hot cunt down onto his rigid pole. She rode Mike for a while and I enjoyed the sight of her bare ass moving up and down as she stroked him with her gooey walls until the switched to their usual position with Mike on top with Dee's ankles up on his shoulders to allow him maximum penetration. Just as they had before, Dee and Mike fucked passionately and once more I heard her encouraging him to drain his balls into her. Dee came even harder this time than she had earlier with Mike and then with me, and a number of strong climaxes ripped through her while Mike pounded away in her pussy. Mike who usually whispers things to Dee when he's cumming said them quite loudly when his cock exploded into her on his bed for the second time. "Oh, yessssssssss!" was one of them and his tone was almost the same as Don's when he's cumming in Dee's ass. The whole thing was quite magnificent - Dee cumming - Mike cumming! It was the first time that Dee's made love with one of her guys in his own bed and it was just wonderful!

It was a warm and beautiful sight when Mike slid back to show me his hard
cock poised between Dee's labia, ready to slide back into her cummy pussy.

When we were all satisfied the three of us were famished and headed into town for breakfast. Satisfying my cock and my belly are my two favorite pleasures in life and they're even better when I'm with my wife and a friend. It was a time with Mike that we both needed and we were so lucky to have had the opportunity to make the drive and share the time with him that we did. Sex might not be the answer to all of life's problems, but it does make a delightful hell of a difference in stressful times.

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D said...

It appears that you were in the mood to write, my friend. Well, I was definitely in the mood to read. What a beautiful story with pictures to boot, Joe. I loved every word and every picture. Mac

Blissfully Wed said...

Beautifully shared.


mia said...

I absolutely adore this post, Joe. I love seeing the emotion come through in your words as you describe this new experience.

K said...

What wonderful writing. So full of the excitement, the joy, the wonder of it all. It was moving to just sit and read.

Pula said...

very exciting!!

Kitty said...

wow that recount of events has me wet and my clit tingling!

The thought of you sucking Mike's cock is a huge turnon for me. Wish there had been a pic snapped of that also!