Sunday, May 06, 2007

Okay, I'll Shut Up For a While After This One

There are a number of female friends with whom I'd love to make love. They come in varied shapes and sizes, heights, weights, and personality types. Each is precious to me for reasons different that those which endear the others to me. Bedding each would be a unique experience. With one there might be much more kissing. With another, perhaps prolonged cunnilingus, while somebody else might find me almost on the verge of tears from the profoundness of putting my cock into her body, especially if I were to do so without a condom separating us. Friendship with sex always trumps just sex. At this point in life I'd much rather take to bed a plain or worse looking woman who is my friend than somebody gorgeous, with a scorching body, but with whom I have no relationship.

Part of the reason I'm now obsessing about Mark doing it with Dee is because I know how beautifully our longstanding friendship with him will enter into the mix. I've known him for nearly 30 years - Dee just a few less. He's one of a very small number whom we call not my friend nor her friend, but our friend. He's one of only a handful of guys I would trust with my life in any circumstance. Sharing Dee with him will be totally different from all the other sharing we've done because of the nature of the long, deep bond we have with Mark, and because he's the only man with whom I'd share her who remembers what she looked like as a kid in college, who saw her grow up through the years - saw her become my wife, and then a mother. Saw her transform nearly five years ago from the cold and distant woman she grew into being somewhere along the line into the fun-loving, warm, vibrant, and sexy lady she is now. I want Mark and Dee to make a drippy, sticky, gooey mess together to celebrate everything about our many years of being friends. And, I hope that it might become something we'll do with him on occasion for the rest of our lives.

Mark watched Dee make love with Mike last year and saw her every bit as bare as she is in this picture. Dee and I both want him to know these sweet parts of her intimately - to explore and probe them with his fingers, his lips, his tongue, and to come to know her even more closely and deeply on the inside.

I just got a mail from Mac (Literally - right this very minute.) asking if we know when all of this with Mark might happen. No, we don't. In addition to working full time, Mark also works some evenings and weekends besides having a time consuming avocation to which he's very dedicated. After this weekend's phone conversation between him and me, and then between him and Dee, though, we know that it is going to happen. For nearly two years he declined our invitation - until he saw Dee in action with Mike in the flesh - or, perhaps more importantly, saw for himself just how much I really do enjoy being on the sidelines watching it all happen. I think his initial fear was that I was somehow drawn to sharing Dee like a moth compulsively batters itself to pieces around a hot light bulb, or that Dee's heart wasn't really in it and that perhaps she was just doing it to please me. Now he knows that we both love it and he wants some of it for himself. So, no, we don't know when yet, but it feels damned good knowing that all of this is going to come to fruition.

Okay, I'll stop writing regularly about Mark now and not bore you daily with my obsessive thoughts, but I'll be sure to let you know when it's going to happen, just as soon as we know ourselves.

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mia said...

It's not boring. I find it particularly exciting. Especially the way you write about it. I can't wait to read about it finally happening.

this girl said...

i'm not one to normally think or say this but

your wife has a very pretty pussy.


Rambeau said...

That's right, Joe, keep us posted. That is going to be very special, especially the drippy, sticky, gooey mess!

this girl, I have to agree with you.

deeslittlemike said...


I think I am almost excited as you at the prospect of this happening. Write away and share what you wish!

I will agree Dee's pussy is very pretty and delicious!


hornymaleuk said...

Come over and read about my latest adventure. It was very different!!

Alfie said...

Beautiful photo!