Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Show of Legs

Summer is undoubtedly on the way, along with shorts on women! Yesterday while I accompanied a family member to an appointment I was treated to a most lovely leg show put on by a young mom wearing denim shorts that were a little shorter than mid thigh. There was a divider in the room with advertising on the top and an open bottom and she was on the other side of it so when I first spied her all I could see were her legs as she rocked from side to side. Because all I could see were her bare and shapely legs moving it didn't take my imagination long to imagine her fully nude on the other side of the panel that separated us. I studied the fluid motion of her nicely defined muscles as she rocked her body and thought about those strong looking legs hooked around my back. I let my mind wander as I watched, almost mesmerized by her steady side to side motion. I thought she was talking on a cell phone while she rocked, but later when she moved from behind the panel, I could see that she was rocking her baby, at best only a few months old. My eyes moved to the ample tits under her white tank top and I concluded that indeed they were most likely full of her milk. A lovely vision she was - an erotic sight though I'd bet clueless as to just how good she looked.

I miss very much the days of my youth when a sight such as this one would have had my cock plumping up in my pants and maybe even leaking a few drops of precum. I love sightings of bare legs, bellies in midriffs and glimpses of soft tit flesh through sleeveless shirts and such, and although they don't seriously arouse me I ogle them as compulsively as I did when I was a kid. I love looking at women and 'tis the season! Dress for comfort, ladies and I assure you the cheap thrills will be most appreciated.

Because all I could see of the young mother rocking from
side to side was about this much of her bare legs, it was
easy to imagine the rest of her body fully nude behind
the part of the room divider that hid her upper half.

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1 comment:

D said...

Yes, tis the season, Joe. Shorts, halter tops. I miss the days of my youth also. Don't forget the frozen food section of the markets with all those erect nipples. Oh, that is such a nice reward on hot summer days. Mac