Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ten Years Ago Today

It was just a few months over ten years ago that I started photographing Dee in the nude regularly so I could masturbate to her pictures. Although I shot a few packs of Polaroid film early on in our courtship and during the first year or so of our marriage, taking pictures of her was something I did as more of a novelty than as a sexual aid for myself. Now and then I'd pull out the old Polaroids and give my dick a good whirl with Ma Thumb and her four daughters, but it wasn't until around 1996 when I discovered the rich treasure of amateur pictures online that my enjoyment of making my own pictures of Dee surfaced again.

Back then my only way to get color stills was to shoot to video tape and then use a capture device to pull the images from the video into the computer, but the inexpensive ease of making lots of pics of Dee's bare body was worth the trade-off of having only lower resolution vid caps, and when Dee discovered that making some pictures of her for me to masturbate to meant that I'd not bother her for sex as often as I usually did she was eager enough to peel off her clothes and get in front of the camera. Thus began my taking erotic pictures of Dee regularly when I got that capture device for Christmas in '96.

Last night I was going through some of the earliest picture sets from that nude photo renaissance period and chanced upon pics that I made exactly ten years ago today. I reached into my pants with my left hand and let the right scroll through the set of pictures as I pondered the lot of my sex life back then and contrasted it to what it's like now.

There was Dee with her panties off moving about on the bed while I taped the scrumptious sight of her bare bottom. I'm not sure what it was that made me into an ass man, but I have perhaps over twice as many pictures of Dee's butt than I do of her tits and my tongue has more of an acquaintance with her asshole than with either of her nipples. Little did I think when I shot this image that someday other men would see her bare too, and do even more with her sexually than she allowed even me to do with her then.

When Dee and I first started making out in my car within the first few days of becoming acquainted back in '82 what we did followed the usual course and my first touches and glimpses of her fun parts were of her tits until she allowed me to start touching her below the waist. It was while I was licking and sucking on her big nipples that Dee told me about the sex she'd had with Richie and Bill before she met me and I discovered the odd fascination I had with thoughts of her being with other men. I love when an ardent breast lover like Mike makes love with Dee and gets so much joy from touching, kissing, licking, and sucking on her nipples.

Although Dee went without the emotional goodness of sex during the years of her depression her body responded more than adequately to my sexual ministrations as evidence by her engorged labia and clitoris in this shot. That she enjoys all of the rich feelings of loving sex with me and her lovers now is perhaps the chief driving force behind our continued sharing. Dee's pussy really learned to "talk" to a man since I captured this image - and I love what it says, especially to his cock.

Fucking has always been where it's at for me. Sure I enjoy an occasional blow job to orgasm, but when it's time for me to cum there's no place in the whole world I'd rather be than inside Dee's precious pussy. Ejaculating into my wife is without doubt my greatest pleasure in life. It's for that reason that watching other men do the same has such a captivating power over me, for I know that they're enjoying the best pleasure that I know myself when I'm the one who's spraying inside her. If I'd had occasion only to see Dee give another man a hand job or a blow job it wouldn't be as wildly exciting as having his cock erupt in her pussy.

I can't help but wonder, when another 10 years have passed and I'm looking then at the pictures I take now, where we'll be. I'll be on the cusp of turning 60 then. Will I still feel like I just got out of high school and that I'm living in the best years of my life? I can't know that, of course. Maybe even if I could, I wouldn't want to. All I know I really need is Dee. I shudder to think of who I might be without her.

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D said...

Beautiful pictures, Joe. One can never accurately predict the future. From my vantage point, however, I'll just bet that you'll still be enjoying sharing Dee as much or more 10 years from now as you do now. I hope I'm around to share the adventure with you. Mac

Blissfully Wed said...

Such a beautiful and loving post. My wife and I have come so far since ten years ago as well. I, too, wonder what the next ten years have in store for us.


Fex said...

What a beautiful post. I love hearing your perspective on how things have changed and grown over the years. It's very interesting. Thanks! :)

vsk witness said...

This story sent me down memory lane, thanks for sharing. Back in the pre-digital days polaroid was the way to go. Recently we had to go through several boxes of pictures and I came across a few shots my husband had taken oh so many years ago. Of course they were mixed in with the general photos that could have made for some interesting conversation (I was glad that my father-in-law and my kids weren't the ones to find them).

Sometimes I get a message from my man saying thanks for the good time this afternoon and I know he has been looking at pictures of me and pleasuring himself in his office! Lucky guy, I work in a cubicle.

Take care and keep snappin' photos!

S.Elizabeth said...

It's my first time here.
Read most of your post and I have to say, that I'm amazed.

Beaufitul wife and you guys sounds amazing...

Please keep it up!