Thursday, June 28, 2007

For Whom Do I Write?

Until yesterday when I was looking for those pictures of Dee's first touches of her lovers' cocks, I never gave much thought as to whom my intended audience here at the blog is, at the most basic level. I guess I write more or less like I have steaming diarrhea of thought rather than in any kind of goal oriented fashion. In a sense I want to appeal to anybody and everybody who finds what I write to be worth reading, yet I still write more for myself - for the sheer joy of broadcasting my extremely fortunate circumstances - than for my reading public to consume what I serve up. If I had a clear intention in writing, might I be a better blogger? I don't know, of course. I love sex. I love writing a sex blog. I have fun with this and perhaps that's the most important thing to me because I know if it ever started to feel like work - like an obligation of any sort - I'd not want to continue writing.

All of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions which I so often lament my inability to express - those peculiarly wonderful things I feel when I'm watching Dee make love with somebody... I suppose I keep wanting to "get them out" of me in the same way that an artist has a vision that he tries to share in his creation, though I'm not suggesting that what I'm cranking out here is "Art" by any means. But who is it with whom I most want to share those deepest of my feelings as the husband of a shared wife? I believe it's mostly with men who would like to share their own wives as I do Dee with her lovers, to convince them that this is worth pursuing against all odds, and for the wives themselves who stand on the verge of doing this, to try to give them the nudge they need to take the plunge should they venture here and read about how well it works for Dee and me.

Dee left for work a little while ago and her face was lit up like a bright beam of sunshine because she had just written to Don, "There don't seem to be enough different ways to say I love making love with you and I am looking forward to seeing you again tonight to relive that pleasure. Stay hard for me sexy one!" If I were to win the biggest lottery pay-off in the world's history sometime today I would be no happier than I am right now knowing that later today Dee is once again going to melt into the arms of the man who made her a hot wife and who continues to give her so beautifully the same magic in every one of their trysts that he gave her that first time he made love with her. When Don enters my wife it's as if I can see their very spirits touching and soaring together. That's why I continue wanting to share all of what's inside me in those moments. It's too beautiful to keep to myself and I most want to share it with the men who would like to be in my shoes because then, if I can manage to help somebody take that big step and he can see and feel all that I do, I'll have another brother in this world. Another man who can stand at the side of a bed and watch his wife milk her lover's cock to orgasm in whatever way her lover would like her to, and to feel the complete satisfaction and contentment that I know in my own heart when she does.

Her lover is beautifully hard for her and my wife is swollen and wet for him.
When she raises her legs for him she welcomes not only his cock into her
body, but his entire being into hers while they make love. I wish that
everyone who wants to experience this through my eyes could have the chance.

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Blissfully Wed said...

I absolutely love everything you write.

mia said...

Me too!!!!