Friday, June 29, 2007

Poised to Deliver

There are times when I'm watching a man make love with Dee when I hold my breath in anticipation of what's about to happen, almost as if my slightest intake or exhalation of air might somehow interrupt the flow of energy and momentum between him and Dee, or if by blinking or breathing I might miss that split second when what I'm waiting to see takes place.

Such was the case last night when I snapped this picture of Don's mighty cock about to take the wrinkles out of Dee's tight little asshole. His dick looked magnificent as he moved into position to open up her rosebud. The angle at which I was viewing him make him look way too big to fit into Dee's butt and the rippled veins on the surface of his erect flesh made his cock look admirably powerful. I almost wish that Don had hovered in that position for a while longer for me simply to admire that gorgeous instrument of my wife's pleasure poised to deliver the fantastic sensations she was counting on him to give her. Give them he did, as he always does!

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Emma Kelly said...


I would like to tag you for a 7 Random things about me meme.

I enjoy your blog.

D said...

That is one fantastic picture. What beauty to behold. Mac