Sunday, July 29, 2007

Keeping the Rabble in the Dark

Mia hit a nail square on the head for me in her post yesterday and explained in two short sentences one of those things I never put into words because I never thought about things that way, though I should have. I've said for so long that I get such joy from sharing Dee, along with happiness, contentment, glee, giddiness and whatever other good emotions have words. Part of it is this, as Mia so easily worded it...

"Nobody else in my public life knows what I do for fun. They have no idea what is putting this smile on my face."

I've been accused at work on occasion of being "too happy," especially in the mornings when I'm practically dancing around with my coffee, humming whatever tune happens to be stuck in my head, and more often grinning than not. On the morning after a date night I'm apt to be even more like Garfield's buddy Odie, - panting with glee and with my tail wagging merrily. (That last bit quite figuratively. You wouldn't want to see it wag literally.) You know how you can tell when somebody got laid really well the night before because they're all chipper and bubbly? That's me just about every day. It helps that I love my job, but that alone wouldn't keep me animated and as spirited as I typically am at work. It's the having a big, juicy secret that floats me. That, and having a wife like Dee in general.

Dirty little secrets are way more fun than perhaps they should be. I think we all get a lot of mileage out of them. (Would that be kilometerage to those folks who insist on calling an ass an arse and panties knickers?) And, like most secrets, they're even more delicious when you share them with select persons who know why you're dancing on the clouds while everybody else just thinks you're pathologically upbeat. Unfortunately, I don't work in a place where I particularly trust anybody enough to whom I might divulge something as private and taboo as our wife sharing. That's some of the reason for writing this blog. I can tell all of you about our adventures and enjoy that some of you share in my delight, and keep the rest of the world guessing as to why I seem to be happier than I seemingly have a right to be.

I don't come across in public life as the kind of guy who'd enjoy
seeing his wife getting fucked on a table by her lover. But I am!

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1 comment:

D said...

Not taking anything away from your post Joe, but I just had to make a sideline comment.

In hopes of not offending any of our UK friends I just have to say that to me the word "panties" has to be one of the sexiest words in our commonly shared language. I detest the word "knickers". A girl's knickers just doesn't do it for me but her panties evoke all manner of thoughts. As far as ass/arse goes, that's almost as bad but not quite.

OK, I'm off my soapbox. Hope the day goes well for you and Dee.