Sunday, July 15, 2007

Making Out Revisited

Who doesn't remember the particular excitement of making out in a car? I got my first feels of and peeks at Dee's marvelous areolas and nipples in my dad's old Fury II - that same night when she put my fingers to the soaked crotch of her jeans and said, "See how wet you made me."

I was just thinking of the afternoon when we went down to where Mike lives and I drove Dee and him back and forth along a road that stretches about two miles alongside a set of train tracks while they made out in the back seat. During the first four mile round trip down and back Dee pulled Mike's pants down and wasted no time in sucking and stroking his cock till he came for her. On our second run, Mike returned the favor by first pulling up her shirt and bra, and then sliding Dee's pants and panties down her legs and fingering her through a number of delicious orgasms while alternating between kissing her deeply and sucking her big, hard nipples. I kept turning with the camera, blindly aiming and shooting while trying to keep the car on the road.

I want to do that again, some time - have Mike and Dee trade orgasms while I drive them around. For having witnessed so much explicit sex between my wife and her lovers, it was uniquely cool to see Dee and Mike orgasming in the back seat of a moving car while making out rather than having full blown relations on a bed. And the couple of hours of waiting were maddening till we got home and I could unload into Dee's belly the boiling load of cum that her playing with Mike had inspired. I never mind waiting when the big pay-off is an orgasm in my wife's shared pussy!

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deeslittlemike said...

I am up for it anytime you are Joe! You know I do my best to make your fantasies come true. Mmmmmmm kissing while fingering Dee is one of my favorite things to do!

That was a fun day. I remember it well.


Lil-Lolita said...

That's a dang hot picture!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I have that same idea. I'd love to see TW make out in the backseat with someone while I drive around.