Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dee Writes

Sometimes Dee makes a blog entry easy for me by writing it in an e-mail to somebody. This morning she wrote the following to Don about our date with Mike a few days ago...

On Thursday night Mike came to the house. My hip hurt quite a bit, but we managed to have fun. Mike ate me and I came a few times. Then Joe sucked Mike as he had asked me to not pull Mike onto me until he had a chance to suck him. After a while, I climbed on Mike. When my hip hurt, we rolled over and Mike fucked me. I could tell he was close to cumming so I encouraged him to fuck me harder. After he started to cum, I encouraged him to keep fucking me so he would keep cumming. He fountained* inside me. When his cock slid out of me because my pussy was too wet, I grabbed his dick and stroked him. He continued to cum for another 5 or 6 squirts on my chest.

Dee strokes Mike to keep him cumming even
after he already flooded her pussy with cream.

Mike and I played with Joe by sucking and teasing him. When he was ready, we assumed our regular position and he fucked me. I am so glad I enjoy being fucked now! It is so much fun!

After Joe came, Mike stroked himself while Joe used my toys on me. After I came, Joe used the toys on Mike while Mike sucked my tits and he fountained once again.

Can't wait to see you again. Hugs and kisses!

* refers to Mike's amazing ability to keep ejaculating long past the typical half dozen or so good blasts that most of us guys are good for.

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D said...

Hot, is just such an inadequate word to describe this scene. My oh my. Mac

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

You guys really know how to get the best from a threesome. Wish I could be part of your play

Blissfully Wed said...

"I am so glad I enjoy being fucked now!"

Does this imply that you (she) used to not enjoy it as much?

Thanks for sharing. I do love your blog.

Him and Her said...

Hot hot hot! A good teaser to get me in the mood for my foursome encounter tonight!