Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gamblin' with My Goods

I'm usually good for a rip roaring, toe curling, wolf howling orgasm with full ejaculation about once during the course of a typical day, though if I cum early in the morning I might manage another great climax later on. Generally, I prefer the kind of orgasm that makes my knees weak so it's always a gamble when I'm horny and want to cum but don't know if I'll have the opportunity to have a more intense climax later if I wait.

A perfunctory but satisfactory orgasm now or a much better
one later? I hate having to gamble with my cock's pleasure.

Yesterday... Dee and kiddo went up for afternoon naps affording me the chance to crank one out, but I knew they'd be going shopping later which would give me more time to tease myself and build my urge to squirt, to prolong my pleasure, and make my resulting orgasm even better. Frustrated because I really wanted to spray I held off and laid down for a nap when they did, and when they finally went out shopping I laid on the couch with a porn video and got busy. As is sometimes the case when I've waited, the deep seated horniness passed and I came, but not in grand fashion. I couple of dribbles and I was done and somewhat disappointed that the gamble didn't pay off as I'd hoped it would. I went for a ride and got home in what I thought was plenty of time to try again for a better orgasm, but while I was stroking myself I heard the car pull up outside and put myself away post haste.

It wasn't until late at night after I heard kiddo go to the bathroom for the last time before her usual bedtime that I could try again. I pulled up the pictures from when Mike was here a few days ago and started scrolling through them while touching myself lightly, but when I felt my cock swell mightily after only a few casual strokes I knew that the big one that eluded me earlier was already building down there behind my balls. As I watched the sequence of fun progress between Dee and Mike in the pictures, the pleasure intensified and soon I was in that most wonderful place when I could make myself ejaculate at any time but could also keep holding off that first blast by carefully slowing or backing off just before going over the edge. I held myself there for a good while - until I got to the pics of Dee mounting Mike and guiding him into her pussy. I moved more quickly then through the images until I got to the one I knew I wanted to have on my screen at that ultimate moment. The original, full sized copy of this one...

...showing Dee's beautiful round ass and her tender pussy flesh clinging to the entire circumference of her lover's hard cock. I studied that image of mutual pleasure frozen in the photo thinking about the sensations Mike was feeling in my wife's body, of her satisfaction and delicious delight in having one of her best friends inside her, and I even glanced at Dee's puckered asshole thinking of all the times that Don has stretched his way inside her there to pleasure her uniquely and fill her up with cum. That's when I felt my toes curl and suppressed the howl in the back of my throat - when that hot rush of cum came blasting out of the tip of my throbbing cock!

Later today we'll have the house to ourselves for a while and Mike will visit again so I can make more pictures.

Okay, really so I can suck his cock all I want and then watch him fuck my wife silly. I love our crazy life!

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D said...

What a coincidence, Joe. LOL I did the same thing you did yesterday with Dee as the object of my intense pleasure and subsequent mindblowing orgasm. What a fantastic butt this lovely lady has. Mac

mia said...

I love this post. Love to hear about you touching yourself to your wife's pictures. So hot.

Anonymous said...

very sexy babe... :)