Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm still syncing little electronic things with the "mother ship" and obsessing. Obsessing about Sarah as she and I continue to exchange e-mails about her joining us for one of our fun evenings in two weeks.

If you've read this rag with any degree of regularity (No! No! I don't mean shitting on a schedule. The other kind of regularity!) you might remember that it's been a wish of mine, ever since Dee gave me her blessing to bed another woman, that someday I might be able to make love with another lady rather than just have sex with her. This is my big chance. One of my last huge fantasies. And, from all that Sarah's written, it's going to happen.

I knew that in spite of my desires it would never happen with New Girl. I thought I'd go to my grave never knowing what it feels like to Dee when she makes love with one of our friends. If nothing happens to thwart our plans, I'm going to make love with Sarah. She needs to be touched by caring, loving hands. She needs to be kissed with passion. She has such an empty void in her life, her marriage. I know I can't fill the chasm, but I can do my best to remind her that she's the same lovable, sweet, and beautiful person I've known her to be for nearly 30 years. And she needs a good fuck. That's where Don comes in because he's much better in the drilling department than I've ever been. I know too that he'll give her some of that good feeling about herself that she needs to feel just as endearingly as he gave it to Dee when they were still basically strangers to each other.

She told me that I have a gorgeous cock and that she can't wait to suck it and lick my balls too. At nearly 50 and with a few spare tires I feel as good about myself as I ever have. I guess all along I've been needing what Dee needed when we posted those first photos of her naked online - validation. To be able to see myself through the eyes of another person as desirable. Sure, Dee makes me feel that way, but now I understand why hearing it from somebody else is different than when it comes from your spouse as Dee discovered five years ago. If Sarah gets cold feet, or has to cut her travel plans out east short for some unforeseen reason - if this can't play out as we want it to, I'll still know that she wanted to be with me as much as I want to be with her. And that makes all the difference!

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SM said...

Sounds like a fantasy coming true!

D said...

Joe, I hope this happens for you. And please, please don't forget to take your camera. Mac

Leprechaun said...

Wish you the very best of outcomes. The best of love and sensuality amongst true friends and lovers.
Aloha, Bob

Upton said...

As a guy who is entirely on the wrong side of the hill, I can say that I completely understand. I hope it turns out well for you both. Fantasies are fragile beasts that are fed almost entirely through the brain.

Good luck, play safe and wear all your safety equipment. ;-)

Mr. Upton Ogood

MikeCindynJoe said...


... the anticipation is killing me!

Yet ANOTHER reason to make your blog a daily stop. Just don't do like I usually do and neglect the camera.