Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm sorry that I won't be posting any details about last Thursday with Sarah. It was too good to talk about. I'm serious. Some of you have known me for a long time to love words and have borne with me in my feeble attempts in using them to try to define the ineffable. I've hit the wall, folks. I've met the mountain and I'm standing on holy ground. I am awed, overwhelmed, and I'm riding out the biggest high of my entire life.

For five years I've wanted to make love with a friend. Now I have and everything about me is different. I don't know when I'll be back here to write anything meaningful. Every detail of my life before last Thursday seems to be a blur.

Dee wrote to Sarah and thanked her. She told her that it meant the world to me to be with her. It did. It meant the world to Sarah too. That's the part that has me speechless and as full of wonder as a little boy on Christmas morning.

I want Dee to know how this feels. I told her to offer Dan (Check the cast of characters below.) an evening alone with her if she'd like to. She's not sure she wants to yet, but if she does she has my blessing. I want her to know this feeling. I want everybody to know this feeling.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

Wow! I'm basking in the warmth of your glow!

Keep it. Nurture it. Savor it... forever.

While you do, love your Dee even more. You guys are great together and it's been a wonderful opportunity to follow your stories and witness the changes as they occur.

With no pun intended... thanks for sharing.

Your friend,


D said...

Well, to say this meeting with Sarah has had a profound effect on you,Joe, is quite an understatement. When you decide to come back, we'll be waiting for you. Mac

Upton said...

In other days, the camera would pan from that first kiss to the moon and twinkling stars...or cut to a shore scene of waves crashing.

Just as in those days, where no words were required, so too do we, your faithful readers, understand, at least, in general, what you might mean.

It's all a matter of chemistry. And chemistry is not just a subject I failed in high school ;-)

Mr. Upton Ogood

Willy said...

I can understand a little of why you are temporarily speechless Joe, but if I know you, you'll be back as loquacious as ever....I don't mean that in any negative way.

Glad to hear that the whole experience has been so positive for you.