Sunday, June 26, 2005

Musings: Going "Legging"

I invented a new word in the past few weeks in spite of my typical abhorrence of others doing that sort of thing as in the case of kids creating "humungous" when the language certainly didn't need yet another new word to mean large, but in my case there wasn't a single word to mean going out with my camera to see how many pictures of hot, bare legs I can snap pictures of while remaining undetected, so I had to coin one of my own. Well, OK, in truth it's a new meaning for an old word, but it's not a word you hear used too often. Oh, I love the sight of bare, female flesh and now that the hotties are wearing shorts to Wal-Mart and just about everywhere else, the sights are free for the taking and photographing. And so, my new word: "legging," as in, "Oh fuck! There are no cold sodas in the fridge and I'm all ready to go out legging." It's a gerund in most sentences: "Wow! I had a great session of legging today!" though it could be strained, I suppose, as an awkward sounding present participle verb: "I was legging when all of a sudden I felt a hot diarrhea become imminent." I'm even thinking of a bumper sticker: LEGGING PATROL or something equally clever.

Legging comes in two varieties. The first requires less energy, but doesn't get up close to the game being stalked where from the comfort of my car and armed with a 15x lens I can zoom in from a good distance away on a lovely pair of gams and preserve them for erotic posterity. I get some good shots this way, but fewer because I'm at the mercy of my location which I'm rather picky about selecting; it requires a setting which offers a good view of a J.C. Penny entrance, for example, but doesn't scream to the average passer-by, "Hey! Look! There's a seedy looking guy taking pictures of women!" Other disadvantages - a lessening of image quality by shooting through the car windows and somewhat of a blur at times because of the zoom factor which magnifies the slightest of (excited) movements. Obvious advantages - doesn't take much energy - quick get-away if the trophy's husband or a rent-a-cop * (See footnote.) spots you.

The second form of legging has its own set of ups and downs as well, and the choice of which to enjoy is really just a matter of mood. For the second type, on my belt is hostered an old digital camera in a case in which openings have been cut to allow for the lens and the metering sensor to "see" through, and I have to walk the aisles of K-Mart (and other places thick with MILFs) till I find a worthy subject. Then it's a matter of clever positioning to get the camera's lens aimed at the sweet legs being pursued and a deft press of the shutter button to grab their image to enjoy later in the comfort of my computer corner. Advantages - the thrill of the chase, getting a little exercise, looking at that fine flesh up close and personal, and more pictures 'cause you're on the move and not passively waiting for the quail to come out of the bush. Disadvantages - "Excuse me, sir. If you'd come with us, please, we'd like to ask you a few questions," a potential black eye or broken nose compliments of Mr. Milf who could at any moment return from checking out the hunting gear or exercise equipment just in time to see you stalking his prize, and, of course, all of that otherwise aimless walking. The Catch-22 of the up close variety of legging is that you're most likely to find the best subjects where a guy walking up and down the aisles empty handed is likely to draw some strange glances - like by the thongs and very short skirts.

There is a third variety of legging, but it requires a special event with a crowd and isn't the sort I can do at the drop of a hat to amuse myself on a lazy summer day. In this exceptional case, I can walk about openly with one of the big, good cameras hung about my neck with my hand seeming to rest loosely upon it when I come up from behind or the side on a prime specimen and unobtrusively work the shutter button. Best of all I can grab lots of great pics with Dee even holding my other hand 'cause with her there nobody'd think that I'm freely shooting pictures of other women, and I can zoom in from a respectable distance on some beautifully sculpted legs with little fear of the object of my lust seeing me in action.

Mind you, I'm not as disgusting as you might think because I'm not into the cheerleader types at all. I go after MILFs exclusively - women old enough to know that a few flicks of the tongue around the head of a cock does not constitute a proper blow job - ladies who have a little meat on their bones and look like they've gone the distance at least a few times on a bed where they might've forgotten their own names for at least a little while. As I've written elsewhere in this forum, I'm at an age where I want a lady who knows how to milk a cock a dozen different ways. I have no use for nor any desire to do or even to think about anything illegal. Be clear, dear reader, that if it's too young I don't throw it back 'cause I don't go near it in the first place. After all, I'm a pervert - not a sicko!

On another side note, I photograph mostly legs because I'll take what I can get and they're the most available bare flesh showing in a typical summer social situation, but I'm not a leg man, per se. I'd much rather be shooting naked asses, but the opportunities to see them are few and far between. A nice side of a tit showing through the arm hole of a tank top is also fair game, but they're not exactly showing at every department superstore, either. I like legs, but no, I'm not one of those leg worshippers who licks stiletto heels and likes to be buttfucked with a strap-on by a woman in black fishnets and latex boots. Nevertheless I do rather enjoy looking at my collection of legs when I'm stroking my hard dick and often wish I could somehow thank the ladies whose legs I'm looking at for providing a secret treat. Oh, if only these babes knew or could believe that there are lots of guys out here just like me who enjoy seeing their bare legs a hell of a lot more than they'd dream when they're wearing their shorts just to stay cool.

So, anyway - legging. Remember it. Maybe you'll see it in a dictionary some day with a picture of me with a camera next to it!

-------------------- FOOTNOTES --------------------
* Rent-a-cop... From what I've read, if you're on public property shooting pictures onto their private property they can't do a thing though they probably think they can and will likely hassle you. Suggestion: If you happen to be a rent-a-cop, go get yourself a real job. You can be that guy who takes the garbage out to the dumpster at McDonald's. Everybody's just laughing at you anyway because you're such a damned dork with your specious authority and spurious cop gear which you wear in a way that shouts, "I WAS TOO FUCKING STUPID TO GET INTO THE POLICE ACADEMY!" Oh wait! If you're a rent-a-cop you're too dumb to be online and reading this, so never mind. (This footnote is to honor all the fine RACs who chased my friends and me out of Burger King on big game nights after we finished our burgers 30 years ago.)

The photo of the hot legged MILF at the header of this article was shot on July 25th. These hot moms were snapped within the past few weeks.

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