Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Musings: Gotta Love Her Attitude

I don't know, dear reader, whether you're here because you're into the wife sharing experience or if you're just a sex fiend in general. If you're in the latter category I can only hope that you somehow enjoy what I offer here, most of which directly addresses my love of watching Dee's pretty little toes or soft, round ass up in the air while a stiff, bare dick buried to the balls in her pussy or ass makes her squirm and writhe with more pleasure than you'd think a woman might feel during sex.

For as phenomenally exciting as all that is, though, on a daily basis there's something about her which is even more intoxicating to me - her attitude about sex. She nearly thinks like a guy about it in that it's never far from her mind and she looks forward to doing what she's thinking. Case in point, a little something she wrote to Don this morning about her "date" with him coming up in two days: I am really looking forward to a sideways 69. I love to suck you while you are eating me. I love the way you lick my ass too. It feels good but it is better knowing that you want to fuck me there and are getting me ready to recieve your hard cock.

Just seeing some of her choices of words blows me away: lick my ass, fuck me there, receive your hard cock. I never knew nor imagined a woman to think like that never mind to put thoughts like them into words, yet here's my Dee, day after day, thinking and writing things that I can't imagine even crossing the minds of 999 out of 1,000 women. She wants her ass fucked, ladies and gentlemen! She wants Don's dick to stiffen up in her mouth as he licks her asshole and puts a few fingers into her there to get her butt ready. And, she enjoys thinking about it all, just as I do. On a good day when Dee has something like that to look forward to she's drippy and gooey all day in anticipation. I never let an opportunity to let one of her, "Feel how wet I am," invitations pass me by because it makes me feel good to know that she's craving some hard cock that much.

For as sore as Dee's back has been this past week I'm hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers that she'll be up to a full evening of the kinds of pleasures that Don gives to her over the course of hours. Because we took last week off she really needs a good session of bare bottomed gymnastics and some ripping orgasms so I'll stay hopeful that she'll be up to it all as much as I know she wants to be.

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