Saturday, December 24, 2005

Lost a Part of Myself

Got home from work yesterday all happy and excited and ready to start Christmas Vacation. Booted up the old PC, leashed the doggie and took her out to the yard. Got back in and noticed the Windoze spash screen was still up and thought to myself, Hmmmm, that's taking longer than usual. Filled my omnipresent soda glass and came here to sit down and watch the hourglass. And watch it. And watch it. I tried rebooting unpteen times. Safe mode. Failed. Regular mode. Failed. Scandisk. Hung up. Scandisk. Stuck at 2%. Scandisk: FAT ERROR - SCANDISK CANNOT FIX!

Something I've only heard about before, but that never happened to me till yesterday - drive failure. The drive is now sitting on the piano bench and a new one is inside here. So much to do. So much to reinstall. So many things I'll never get back. Oh, there's nothing really irreplacable on the old one - no vital data that I can't live without. Just about all of the over a hundred thousand digital pics are on the external hard drive and on CDs. Document files, some as old as my full computing history, except for the most recent, are nicely tucked away somewhere.

Gone - lots of old cracked shareware that I used a lot.

Gone - good programs that I don't know if I'll ever find the original disks for.

Gone - a part of me. I feel like something was amputated - cut out - tossed away.

I'm up and running, but I have miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.


Mac said...

Been there, done that as they say, and, it is never, ever any fun. I have had a number of occassions like this over the years. Sometimes it's hardware, sometimes it's software. Every time is sucks. I got an external drive a year or so ago and I keep all my "stuff" plus things I just can't afford to lose on it. Now I worry about it crashing. Reloading is always a drag. Only good thing is you'll now have a pristine machine. Such is life. Good Luck, Mac

Rosie said...

Ohhh, we all know this feeling. It is awful in the pit of your stomach. BUT I hate to say this, so will whisper - mine has never been too bad because I do backup -on zip disc. I keep my photos on zip disc also. But then you do need a zip drive.

Desireous said...

Sorry to hear of your PC woes! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas in spite of the cock-o-many machine!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Sorry about your 'puter. That bites.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Glad we are friends, Joe.