Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

A very Happy New Year to one and all!

We spent a quiet evening at home watching some rented movies and ushered in the New Year with the folks at Times Square from the comfort of our own living room.

One of the statistics I didn't compile until after midnight last night was the number of e-mails that Dee and I tended to in 2005 regarding our sex life. 13,801 to be precise. Thirteen thousand, eight-hundred one mails either read or written to our playmates, fans, well wishers, detractors, and critics. That's close to an average of 19 mails each day for Dee and the same number for me.

We do the mails rather religiously for various reasons. Some are just pure fun. A number ask for enlightenment about our lifestyle that we try to answer as best we can though not claiming to be experts of any sort about it. Bunches of mails from guys tell Dee how they'd love to share a bed with her, and they're always fun to read for both of us. A number of mails come from gentlemen relatively close to us or able to travel to here who ask about the possibility of getting together with us. They're probably the most exciting as Dee and I write back and forth with them in hopes of having them join us. All in all, I guess satisfaction of varying kinds and degrees is what we get out of reading and answering the thousands of mails pertaining to our sharing.

Anyway... Thanks for dropping by to read what's here. You made 2005 memorable with your visits and many letters. And to the new friends I made here at the blogs: You made '05 sweet for me. Thank you!

Here's wishing you all a most wonderful, peaceful, happy, healthy, safe 2006.

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GeorgeVanna said...

Thanks for a great year. Look forward to much more next.

Desireous said...

Here's to a very happy 2006!


e.e. said...

Joe, I am starting to have cravings for Dee's breasts.
All those flashes lately of those lovely peaks with writings on them are turning me on.
And I know she doesn't swing both ways like I do.
Tell her to knock it off.

sexploration said...

great 1st time here....nice

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I love 'em too, EE.

Thanks Joe for sharing your life here.

Desireous said...

Joe you always seem to have the most interesting Greeting Cards!


Willy said...

I just wish I liveed closer Joe. Always enjoy your posts.