Saturday, January 14, 2006

Simply "Sharing Dee"

Sharing Dee - the actuality - is like a super magnifying glass that takes the pleasure I might derive from cumming and enlarges it unbelievably. My orgasms after watching Dee cum literally dozens of times while being expertly handled by her lovers and in turn knocking herself out to ensure them the best possible sexual delights are otherwordly. I'm usually the last one in the room to cum when we're out with others - not because of some code of cuckoldry which is non-existent in our kind of sharing, but because I like building the screaming urge in myself toward the most toe curling, cock tingling, mind blowing climax I can possibly have, and immersing myself in the sight, sounds, and smells of raw, wanton, sex - especially with my own precious wife as the pivot of everyone's pleasure - raises me to in ineffable level of sexual and often emotional gratification.

Sharing Dee - the blog - is an extension of all that. If, in the course of an occasional post I manage to help somebody give himself or herself a few extra meaningful strokes on the way to a good cum I feel richer for having helped. Many of my fellow bloggers manage to do that for me because in spite of having a rare, wonderful sex life within my marriage, I'm a chronic jerk-off too and there's nothing hotter to me than reading about an online friend's sexual experiences or getting a sweet glimpse of his or her delicious, bare flesh - particularly when it's a part that most folks don't get to see while I'm whipping myself into a sexual frenzy right here in ye olde computer chair.

All of that being said, I just added some pictures from this past Thursday's date night with Mike and Don to the mix. They're the usual R-rated kind because I fear that if I'm too explicit too often the Blogger gods might see it fit someday to pull my plug and I really need this avenue of release for the thoughts that threaten to rupture that throbbing vein in my forehead sometimes, but I hope they're pleasurably stimulating to those of you who enjoy seeing some glimpses of what I typically write about here. Among them is a shot of Don that I really like; he's just standing there with his hard cock poking out while he's waiting for Dee to get back from the bathroom to resume their play. Another one that makes me want to cum right now is of me cumming on the motel room couch as I'm watching Mike fuck Dee. That was my second orgasm of the evening; the first I enjoyed inside Dee as "sloppy thirds."

Enjoy the weekend - they're always way too short even one like this with the extra day for the holiday on Monday, so do your best to give and get as many juicy orgasms as you can!

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Mac said...

What a beaufitul way to start out 2006, Joe.

sidd harta said...

I love Dee's look...would love to share with both of you. Anychance that you are in the Philadelphia area? ---cuz I am.

Chuck said...

Wow, how happy am I that I stumbled across your today. So far I've spent an hour reading...looks like I've got a bunch more to check out. Great site and awesome pictures. You sir, are a lucky man. Dee you are a beautiful woman. I'll be back.

GeorgeVanna said...

Dee has "kept it up" for a long time now.