Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Mouth is the Measure

Bill came down from New England to make love with Dee four times before his visit last week and while I knew she always had a great time with him, especially when he was in her pussy, I didn't appreciate his "gift" until this time around when he invited me for the first time to take him into my mouth. I've taken a lot of pictures of Bill and Dee together - literally together - and from most pictures there's nothing remarkable about his cock. It's not till you engulf him that his magic becomes apparent. Bill has a remarkable girth to his dick, but not from side to side - from top to bottom. Thus, on a straight on shot with the camera, one misses it entirely. It's not till you feel Bill's shaft slipping between your lips and find yourself needing to open your jaw wider and wider to accommodate him that the "WOW!" kicks in.

Of course sucking Bill's cock and discovering his secret only got me more aroused when it was time for him to fuck Dee because I had a new appreciation for how wide he was stretching her open when he was in her up to his balls. I'm a size queen when it comes to watching a hard cock pleasuring Dee's pussy though she cums just as hard and just as freely regardless of a guy's size. When I know that a dick is really filling her up it thrills me, especially if I know it's giving her sensations that she'd otherwise never experience. Likewise, when a guy has some techniques and personal moves that I know are giving her pleasure in a unique way, I'm happy to be there witnessing her unabashed response to his style.

Our March date nights might get a bit messed up because the calendar is full of things that high school daughter has to attend, but we'll do what we can. Er, I mean we'll do whom we can!

Dee teases the tip of Bill's cock in a shot
that really shows off his exciting girth.
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Suze said...

Joe, you know I am so envious of you and Dee. Not just because you both get so much cock but you also see a side of life others don't get a chance to.

For example you are able to pick up tips and styles from each other. There is always room for a new technique in the bedroom.

Damn, I wish you lived closer. ;)

GeorgeVanna said...

Agreed about the size. Wow.