Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No, Thank You, Ma'am

I was thinking this morning about Arnie, one of our one time only guys who put in all the time to get to know us sufficiently for Dee to want to take him to bed who, when the time came, did everything except fuck her in spite of her shamelessly begging him to do so. The evening started out on the usual track of undressing and in sharing some intense foreplay. In fact, I remember Arnie not letting Dee take off his clothes until he'd nearly made her pass out with some very strong manually induced orgasms in which he almost fisted her, and he went at her tits so passionately that she ended up bruised around both areolas from how tightly he'd squeezed them throughout the evening's play. There was nothing wrong with his cock and he responded rather fervently whenever Dee touched or sucked it. I had him in my own mouth for a while too, and I can attest that there was nothing at all substandard about his ability to get hard! But, every time Dee poised herself to be fucked, Arnie declined and went at her with his fingers or his mouth.

Luckily, Don dropped by for a "cameo appearance" as he calls it when he can escape from some social obligation only long enough to undress hastily, give Dee a sound fucking until he cums, and then make a quick retreat. (Not to worry - one climax for Don usually means about a half dozen for Dee when he's in her.) After watching Arnie paw at Dee for close to two and a half hours I'd had enough and fucked her hard, deep, and fast myself. The poor thing was craving cock in the worst way, and Arnie wasn't delivering. After I came, he resumed their sexual play, but whenever Dee's little toes went up with her legs wide apart and her juicy cunt glistening and her own hands rubbing her inner thighs in a blatant invitation to Arnie's very stiff dick, he made a bee line to kiss her, to feed her his cock, to slip a few fingers up into her steaming hole in what had become by the end of the evening obvious diversionary tactics.

The evening grew late. It would be time for us to head home soon. With one final, last ditch effort, Dee splayed out her bare bottom for Arnie and implored with a hissy, "Please!" for him to fuck her. He muttered something like, "But the husband's supposed to cum last," and in spite of having the same rock solid erection which he'd maintained for most of the evening, he left the bed and headed for his pile of clothes. Dee and I never did figure that one out. Had I crossed some unwritten rule of wife sharing by taking Dee when I did? Hardly. It wasn't as if Dee hadn't invited him inside her many times before I slid up into her. And it isn't as if we play by some set of rules ourselves. If it feels good, and nobody objects, do it is our usual credo.

Although there were a few other guys who declined Dee's offer for them to fuck her, they were soft swingers whose SO's didn't want them to do the full penetrative thing with her; that we can respect. An Arnie, though, is just a total mystery. In retrospect, he seemed to be little more than a major tit man who really didn't want more than to maul a set of soft boobs harder than his wife lets him go at hers.

A very hard Arnie seems oblivious to his own
respectfully hard cock as he toys with Dee's tits.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Wow. That is a nice cock there. I can see why she'd want it in her.

Philosophy of Being said...

I agree, that is one hard cock and Dee could ride that for some real pleasure.

I wonder if he had all intentions but then freaked about complete entry into Dee? Let's face it many have the intent but they are concerned about STD's and I see no condoms in your pics. In group play, Samson and I did insist on protection, Samson insists on it now with his added ladies.

Did Arnie seem concerned?


MikeCindynJoe said...

Wow, how weird! Dee must have been crazed with confusion. Cindy would have been likewise, because if you've ever seen her profile on AOL, her quote is, "Let no erection go unused." This would have broken her brain!

Like I said... weird.

Mac said...

Two things come to mind after reading this, Joe. Either Arnie had more willpower than anyone else on the planet or Arnie was just plain strange. How anyone could be presented with such an offer an refuse is beyond me.

Dane said...

I initially shared philosophy's thoughts on how he might have been concerned about STDs and almost posted as much. But, despite the fact you show condomless pictures here, Arnie's a grown up and could simply make sure he wears a condom if they had penetrative sex

Buttpluglover said...

I know if it were me, I'd put off cumming for as long as I could, because after that, it takes too damn long to recharge. As for Arnie's unwillingnes to finish, tho.... that does seem strange.