Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Ice Cream Man

In a recent entry, Madame X asked for some input on "...this age old question; can (heterosexual) men and women be friends and only friends?" The next day MX summarized, based on the feedback, "Most men who commented agreed that the male part of the ‘friendship’ would always be thinking about sex." Though the statistical sample was small, I believe it was accurate. Unless there's something wrong with the guy, or grotesque on the part of the woman I don't think there can be a friendship between a guy and a lady without sexual tension. Hell! Friendship aside even, there's rarely a time when I'm in the presence of any woman, however casual, (Like being behind her in a check-out line, seated beside her at a doctor's office, being across from her in the Communion line at church, for example.), in which I'm not imagining her out of her clothes with her buns in my hands for starters. I think I can safely bet that every guy thinks like this on a regular basis unless he's totally preoccupied with something of a grave nature like a trip to the doctor's with a mysterious lump on a testicle.

With that preamble out of the way, I find it amusingly arousing that Dee has a "boyfriend" at work - a "nice guy" with whom she spends break times and eats lunch - a married with grown children type whom I (vividly) imagine sees Dee as a fantasy bedmate. My thinking so was sealed yesterday when they were out of work early in mid afternoon and he asked Dee to go with him for some ice cream rather than to head straight home. I thought it was totally cool because to me it's a sure sign that he'd love to spend some quality naked time with her. Dee's already suggested to me that she thinks it would be fun to make love with him, but we're at the old impasse. How do you suggest something extramarital to an acquaintance in "real life" without it sounding like a bomb being dropped? And, too, there's the added possible complication in contemplating the selection of a bedmate from the workplace about which Gary would advise, "Don't shit where you eat!"

I continue to amaze myself in remembering all too clearly how jealous I was as a new husband and holding that image of myself in contrast to the guy I am now. We lived downstairs from a single guy who was around our age when we first got married and Dee would think nothing of talking to him when he was shirtless and sweaty out in the yard tending to the lawn while I turned every shade of the rainbow with rage while trying to maintain my composure. I just knew every time that as he stood there chatting away amiably and looking at Dee in her summer shorts and tank tops, he was already sliding his cock up into her juicy hole in his imagination. I couldn't handle it.

Now, Dee talks about Dan at work, and I can't but help feeling the gears up there in my demented gray matter working overtime in trying to devise a way that she/we could break the ice with him that might lead to their becoming bedmates as well as buddies. Because they're already friends I think their love making would be spectacular were it to come to fruition beyond fantasy, and I think it would be a privilege to witness the outpouring of their mutual affections in their physical expressions. If we could make this work, Dan would be the first guy to do Dee from "real life" rather than as first an internet acquaintance.

I'd fairly wallow, were this to come to pass, in the first time that Dee and Dan might share in a bedroom. I'd be blown away in watching his hesitancy stripped away by the experienced Dee. I know I'd get one hell of a rush from seeing that, I can't believe this is really happening! look on Dan's face every step of the way from the first button being undone, to Dee taking his cock into her smile, through her caressing his bare ass while he's thrusting into her and urging him, "Cum for me, Dan! I want you to cum in my pussy!" I like that she gives her lovers that, "Wow!" reaction, and first time wows are extra delicious.

As with my own feelings for "New Girl," all of this might very well remain a fantasy for Dee and me, and undoubtedly for Dan himself. I think it's sweet that he wants her, and I like that it makes her feel good in knowing that he does.

I'll bet that most days the very same clothes
I watch Dee put on in the morning Dan
imagines himself helping her out of.
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Mac said...

Joe, I love the new background picture of Dee on the blog. Unfortunately it makes the type unusually hard to read. Has anyone else mentioned this?? As usual, my best to you both.