Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good In Jeans

Yesterday at work, Dan told Dee that she looks good in jeans. This little snippet of conversation was from Dee's chat with Mike this morning...

Dee: I thought it was cool that Dan told me I look good in jeans
Dee: he hasn't commented on what I wear before.
Mike: that is cool, but you look hot in jeans.
Mike: My eyes have trouble leaving your butt when you wear jeans
Mike: I think he is coming around.
Dee: I think so - at least he knows I am open to the possibility
Mike: he knows you want him so the ball is in his court.

I'm not going to go getting all stiff in my pants again while I'm waiting for Dan to come around, but he does seem to be making a bit of progress in that he's talking to Dee about our date nights again, and commenting on how she looks. When she tells me that they flirted with each other at work, it's kind of like watching a classic TV show with a good degree of sexual tension like the old "Three's Company" where even though we knew it wasn't going to happen we watched faithfully every week to see if Jack was going to fuck one of the girls.

Here's hoping that someday Dan will get up the gumption
to find out how much fun it is to get Dee out of her jeans.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I read the last thing Mike said as...

You know he wants his balls in your court.



MrManicDepressive said...

She sure does look great in jeans! It reminds me of a certain wife that I enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Just be careful with those work relationships, my friends... As the old saying goes, "Never get your pussy/prick where you get your paycheck."

Oh, who am I kidding -- I'm fantasizing about being Dan... (grin)

MikeCindynJoe said...

Ahh... new lovers are SO exciting!

Oscarfun said...

You know Dan has already been with Dee many times in fantasy. I predict it will not be long before he partakes of her carnal charms up close and personal.