Sunday, August 13, 2006

Plain Vanilla Naked

There's a relatively new (to me, at least) website that features pictures sent in by folks from their cell phones and there's a nude area populated with pictures of regular ladies and gents, (many more ladies), in various stages of undress. The pictures are tame by any post adolescent standard - lots of bras and panties, lots of bare titties, but no explicit genital shots are allowed. I can't figure out why these pictures are so appealing to me in spite of the restrictions on totally unabashed nudity. I generally much prefer to see a lady fully bare with her legs wide apart, and I typically award bonus points for pink, so why am I finding the nubile lassies and MILFs featured there so damned hot?

Their server sucks by comparison to most and getting onto the site is often an experience more in frustration than in viewing pleasure. Who knows if they'll be around tomorrow, but as of this post you can check out PHONEBIN to see if you agree that there are some really hot amateurs naked there.
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Dee's Husband Joe said...

I deleted a comment left by hornymaleuk because it contained advertising for a pay site, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was genuinely excited about what he found there and that he wasn't trying to spread spam. I hate advertising, of all kinds. After all - we, the consumers, pay for the ads for every company we buy from, and ads have gotten too damned IN YOUR FACE.

Anyway, I killed off the advertising part of hornymakeuk's comment, but here's the rest...

"I really enjoy reading your blog. Mine is quite new but I hope to add more soon."

You can check his new blog out at

Desireous said...

Hmmm, you said gents too but I didn't see a single guy and got tired of looking at all the tits trying to find some cock. Darn!