Friday, August 18, 2006

Something 4 U 2 Read

From a "personals" website - unedited...

"hey ladies , your man dont do it like he is suppose to? call me! i can ake very good care of you no recp need unless u want to, i can host or u can in mt pocono today!!!! looking for u great toungue here"

Are we becoming this stupid as a society? As a country? I'd no sooner let an asshole who writes like this touch Dee than I'd eat out of a dumpster.

For as much as I love the internet, I deplore what it's doing to our language. People get bent out of shape when they hear, "Press 1 for English," yet look at what many of them are doing to English itself willfully, knowingly, lazily in their online communications. I'd rather read the writings of a foreigner who's trying to use English correctly but missing the mark than to wade through 'netspeak as it's written far too often by perrsons who should know better.

To those who would suggest that I'm being far too anal by insisting on correct spelling, grammar, syntax, usage, rhetoric, and so on - go to hell. Go directly to hell. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. If you don't like how Mujibar sounds when you call the Dell help line, then stop screwing up the language yourself purposely. If you're older than about 14 there's no reason for you to keep typing "2" for "to" and "4" for "for." It makes you look as stupid as you probably are.
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Anonymous said...

I have been a chronic lurker here at your blog for a few months now... I'm always a little shy to make my first comment somewhere, so it has taken me a while... This post made me LMAO... just kidding, I meant laugh my ass off. I couldn't agree with you more on this one. I couldn't even figure out what LMAO meant until acouple of days ago. I actually had to google it.

I really enjoy your blog, the posts and pictures always get me very HOT!

Sage xox :)

Rosie said...

Gee, or is that G, Joe. You have a B in your____. But I don't disagree with you. You make an important point and like the commentor above I'm always having to ask what something means - like lol or brb.

SemperSexualis said...

Hmm. There's something to be said for LOL and BRB. Two things I have no problems with. Afterall, few things are less funny than taking the time to type out "laugh out load" which is far less impulsive or "be right back" which (usually for me) is a minor emergency.... Plus, cell phone texting make net speak very neccessary, as I learned the hard way. However, most of us aren't on cell phones....

Anonymous said...

Yes, although it's not 100%, the accuracy is still high when you attempt to put an IQ level with what you read in an email when it's butchered like that!

Mac said...

I think you and I have expressed our feelings on this subject to each other before Joe. You know I always attempt to use proper grammar and all that goes with it. I don't suppose I'm successful all the time but I do try and definitely appreciate others that do also. I'm in total agreement with you. Is this an indication of the general decline of our entire society as you and I remember it?

JT said...

I'm with you friend! Casualness is not an excuse to mangle the language. Good language should communicate. Overuse of slang does just the opposite, diluting any real meaning. I'd rather spend an evening with an ugly woman who was a good conversationalist than a beauty with an IQ in single digits. (of course, if I can get a beauty with brains, I'm in heaven!).

Rant noted, and approved of!


Desireous said...

I think that people who use numbers and other short cuts are actually posting via a cell phone or hand held device. If you are posting from a cell phone you are only allowed a certain amount of characters per call. I know when I send text messages and such I use shortcuts. You have to be stupid not to. I believe a lot of what you are seeing has more to do with our growing technology than with our stupidity or ingnorance.


Desireous said...


But clearly this example was written by a moron. LOL