Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hint of an Empty Nest

Dee and I are getting a simple taste of the empty nest thing now that kiddo #2 has a job that runs through our usual dinner time. It has its ups and downs.

Just today, I ran kiddo to work and as soon as I got home I followed Dee's sweet ass up the stairs for some pre-dinner fun. Oh, how her pussy makes me cum! It's unreal how much pleasure gets packed into that minute or so when she squeezes me on the inside and milks me dry right through the tiniest of tremors at the very end when my cock is doing the dry heaves because it still wants to squirt but there's nothing left. Of course her oral attentions to my goodie bag as a prelude probably have something to do with all of that. Sex in the afternoon is something I could get used to without a whole lot of practice!

With the delicious taste of Dee's bottom lingering on my tongue and with my cock still twitching a little, I took to the back yard to tend to the Delmonicos on the grill while Dee made the spuds, onion rings, and veggies inside. While the steaks were sizzling I pulled up the last of the dying tomato plants, and just when I finished dumping them into the yard waste can the steaks were ready. The timing couldn't have been better; I came in through the door to find the things Dee was preparing coming out of the oven.

We were a few bites into the meal which was almost as good as the sex when I realized that we weren't talking. It felt a little lonely. It wasn't symptomatic of anything being wrong. We simply didn't have anything to talk about right then. "Is this how it's going to be?" I wondered out loud. "When the kids are gone, and we're retired, what will we talk about when we're eating?" That lead us to wondering about my parents and what they talk about during meals. (Probably the doctors' appointments they always seem to have scheduled.) From there we went on to talking about various members of Dee's family.

I always swore that I can't wait till the kids are on their own and it's just Dee and me together all the time, but I really missed the little buggers today at suppertime. Except for rare occasions when kid #1 is home from school, it's not often that all of us break bread together any more. Maybe I miss the chatter a little - that yakking about what happened during the course of just any old mundane kind of day. I guess those "boring," nothing-really-special conversations are kind of the glue that holds families together.

I'll need to learn to balance things again now that they're changing with kiddo's work schedule. Oh, I'll take the afternoon sex with all the gusto I can muster! Maybe, though, I'll appreciate the little stories of what happened in physics class or chorus a bit more till they're all used up and it really is just Dee and me together at the table every day wondering what we should talk about.

Dee enjoys her pre-dinner appetizer
this afternoon. Okay, I enjoyed it too.
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Mac said...

I don't know but I suspect you and Dee have been wonderful, loving parents. It's obvious that you're a loving father and I'm sure Dee is a loving mother. Can't speak of the empty nest syndrome but I'm sure it's real. I love that you felt like sharing this side of you with us, your faithful readers. Mac

Dirty Debbie said...

Even though our daughter is finishing up her last year of college and has her own apartment we're lucky to see her once a week. I must admit though, I do appreciate the extended privacy that's extended us now.
Even the birdies are gone from the nest it sounds like all the love of a wonderful family is still there.

Now speaking of love, I must say Dee looks beautiful sucking your handsome cock.

I'll just keep enjoying reading your posts and getting wet doing it.

Cheri said...

Aah! Quiet time, it must be so strange without any kids around but for some reason I know you and Dee will be able to fill the time (as I see you have already begun)!

Fat Controller said...

I know exactly what you mean, with our daughter away at school and Son living in his own little apartment just across the yard.

We too have had silences across the dinner table, I suppose that's how it is when you've known each other for a long time, sometimes words are simply unnecessary.

Although Mrs. Controller can get wet by me just describing what I am going to do with her, there is something very special about enjoying each other's bodies without a single word passing between us. Just knowing what to by instinct and experience can be very intense.