Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Perfect Fit

Yesterday morning Dee and I started out the day with some glorious morning sex. A while later we were on the way to The Home Depot to pick up some things I needed, and on the way from the car to the parking lot Dee remarked that we're perfect for each other even because - and then she named some tiny, obscure reason that neither of us can remember now, but I do remember thinking of how good I felt when she said it.

I love that feeling - that all encompassing goodness I feel 99% of the time in being Dee's husband and in knowing that she feels the same way about being my wife. When we first met, it was that "perfect for each other" feeling that bonded us to each other so quickly.

We were talking with college daughter last evening about her boyfriend's plans for the future and we were surprised that she seemed to know very little about them. Dee asked, "What do the two of you talk about when you're together?" Kiddo replied, "I don't know? What did the two of you talk about when you were dating?" Dee floored her with, "Things like what we were going to name you." I added, when daughter was stunned, "We knew about three weeks after we first met that we were going to get married." That's how it was, and Dee and I got married 2/3 of a year after we first said, "Hello," to each other without a doubt in the world that we were doing the right thing.

Though we had those rocky years in between when we first fell in love and four years ago when we fell in love all over again, in most respects even during those bad times I never lost the sense that Dee and I were more suited for each other than not.

After all, look at how perfectly Dee's soft breast fits into my hand!

I just couldn't resist doing another hand shot for
the girls in my "hand fan club." Oh, if only these
hands could touch them all over in all the right places!

Some of you were curious to hear the whole story about our date with Mack last week. Sadly, there's nothing much to tell. We seemed to hit it off nicely with him and he climaxed inside Dee with a really cool, "Oh, I'm cumming!" and a well satisfied groan. We parted ways at the end of the evening with all three of us seeming happy and looking forward to getting together again. Like a number of guys in the past, though, he disappeared off the radar afterwards. Neither Dee nor I have heard from him. Honestly, I'd prefer that a guy would write, "Thanks for a nice time, but I don't think I'll be joining you again because...," than simply to go silent without offering us any kind of reason.
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Woody said...

The wonderful experience probably left Mack speechless. There was a suggestion that Mack would suck your cock as you did his Joe. How did that work out?


Steve said...

Yeah, it's strange the way people seem to just vanish.


this girl said...

Joe, Joe, Joe....a hands shot, i am speechless and heart is poudning quite

thank you

oh and nice breast,Dee....but that hand...

Rosie said...

Hand on breast. Can't think to say much. BUT -- guys who don't say thank you and then disappear. Yea, weird; but we've all had them. But does mean the condom was a good idea.