Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still Doing the Dan Talk

I don't know that Dan will ever get up the nerve to do it with Dee, but we're still reaping the benefits of Dee's having told him what we do on our date nights and that she'd like for him to join us sometime. At this point he seems to enjoy flirting with her, telling her that he finds her desirable, occasionally talking about the possibility of coming out to the motel with us, but whenever the talk gets too close to his having to consider making a commitment and it's time to put up or shut up, he shuts up for a few weeks. Then, after seeming to forget about it all, he'll say to Dee, "We need to talk," and for a few days they will at breaks and at lunchtime until it'll seem like maybe we're making some progress, but when he thinks he's getting too close to having to agree to join us, the cycle will repeat itself. This has been going on in cyclic fashion since June or so - maybe even longer.

As I said, though, we've been enjoying the benefits of Dan's talks with Dee. When Dan's in a talkative mood it shows up most delightfully in our own bedroom and at the motel because talking to him about the possibility of making love with him gets Dee's sex motor running in overdrive.

A couple of weeks ago Dee confessed that she had a dream about Dan. Ever the relatively shy girl that she is underneath it all, she didn't dream about him fucking the living daylights out of her. All she got through in the dream before she awoke was kissing him and having him play with her breasts, but oh, have I in particular gotten plenty of mileage out of that innocuous scenario. When Dee starts chewing lightly on my tongue with that far off look in her eyes, and I slip a finger under the crotch band of her panties to find her thick with the goo of wanton desire, I know that thoughts of Dan are in the forefront of her consciousness and it turns me on mightily.

I've seen Dee's gorgeous tits nearly every day for close to 25 years and I tend to neglect them during foreplay because I'm not really a breast man, but since she told me about the dream of Dan caressing them I haven't seemed to be able to get enough of them myself. Every time we get naked and my hands settle over her nipples I have to give those creamy boobies a firm workout - thinking about Dan doing the same. Whenever Dee snuggles in to suck my cock I keep thinking about her talented tongue swirling around Dan's cock head - about her lips pulling him to steel hard erection, about the warmth of her mouth bathing his balls and making him need to fuck her. And when I'm inside Dee's mushy hole, looking down at her soft tits swaying with the motions of the bed, I'm thinking about Dan getting the same view someday when it's his cock inside her and his to and fro motions are making the mattress dance.

The strange part of this is that with all the fun Dee's had with various lovers, and with after the immense pleasure I've derived from watching it all happen, we're both terribly excited in simply thinking about Dan doing it with her. In the grand scheme of things, it's really small beans to think about another man taking off Dee's clothes and enjoying the ripe fruits of her sexual delights, but the thrill of the chase seems to have us in its grip in this case. Wanting somebody she can't have (yet) just seems to raise Dee's passion in wanting him, and whenever she gets turned on by thinking about him, here I am with my own swollen cock at the ready to take a dip in the highly aroused pussy her unconscious mind has prepared for Dan's stiff dick.

Maybe this is one of those instances where the fantasy itself is so rich that making it into reality could take something away from the general pleasure equation. If it is, long live the fantasy!

In her dream, Dan was kissing Dee and
fondling her breasts to inflame her passion.
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Mac said...

Such absolutely exquisite breasts with such lovely nipples. Oh, Dee!!

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

"The goo of wanton desire"

When I start a new blog, that will be its title.


Willy said...

Anticipation is such a big part of fantasy...when I look at Dee's photo I can see in my mind's eye my tongue slowly approaching Dee's erect nipples, and feel my mouth carressing those lovely buttons....and in reality my cock starts to stiffen.