Friday, October 27, 2006

A Sucking to Write Home About

I was never so cock hungry as I was last night. I mean, I knew I was craving some serious sucking, but I didn't realize how starved I was for dick till I got Mike out of his pants for Dee and there it was in my face just waiting to be devoured.

Sometime last year we did a series of photos at the start of a date night with Mike in which Dee got Mike nude and then we settled him back with the camera to take pics of me undressing Dee for his pleasure and then presenting her to him. The set was in response to a request to see such a "presentation" of the hot wife by the husband to her lover, and it was a lot of fun to make. It made me want to do a reversal of that theme someday and to shoot the "presentation" the other way around to make it the presenting of the lover to the hot wife by the husband.

We shot the series last night. Mike teased Dee for a good while, stripped her down, and finger fucked and ate her to orgasmic bliss, all the while keeping his pants on. When Dee was practically begging for Mike to fuck her I handed her the camera and moved over to Mike. It was a lot of fun and quite exciting to open Mike's pants, ease down his zipper and open the front of his jeans to Dee's gaze. His cock was so hard and tenting out the front of the red sports shorts he was wearing underneath. Dee snapped away as I rubbed Mike's stiffy through the nylon fabric and then slipped behind him and to my knees so I could reach around and into his shorts. I wanted to do it all so slowly to tease both Dee and Mike, but once I reached into Mike's shorts and felt how hard he was, I had his pants and the red shorts down to the floor with one deft flourish. Sliding around to see the cock that I was feeling up from behind, it was just too irresistible and with my wife snapping pictures as fast as she could I took her lover's hard cock into my mouth all the way.

In time I tore myself away from Mike's delicious dick so Dee could have her way with him.

Mike's balls are moist from my tongue session.
They were particularly scrumptious last night.

And at this point in my writing this, Dee came home early from work again. Kiddo had just gone in to work. Dee started booting up her computer and I said, "Honey, why don't you go take a nap?" She gave me a puzzled look. I went on, "I've been waiting all day to jerk off and just when I thought I had the opportunity, well..." She decided that she'd head to the basement to do her workout on the home gym thingie rather than nap, but she invited me to jerk myself off while watching her do her exercises - nude. So, down we went. Down she went with her soft, warm mouth bringing me to full hardness before getting up to strip for me. She sucked me some more then got on the gym thing. I sprayed all over myself watching her glide up and down. I love that girl!

So, back to last night. When I finally presented Mike to Dee she sucked his cock a bit while I licked his balls, and then she mounted him. She rode him for some time and then dismounted to lie on her back so Mike could do her the way they both like it the most, with her ankles up on his shoulders and his cock as deep in her slick hole as it can get. Dee came - a number of times. Mike came. I love the look on his face when he's squirting in Dee; I know he feels the same brand of amazement that I do each time she milks my cock and brings me off with her soft pussy.

Giving Mike a gentle nudge into Dee's waiting hole.

They finished and laid side by side. I eased Dee's legs apart to slurp up the fresh creampie. Dee came on my tongue. Once. Twice. A third time while Mike toyed with her big nipples and kissed her. Dee pushed me away gently and without missing a beat my mouth moved over to Mike's balls, and then up his hard cock. I sucked for all I was worth. Mike caught me off guard in the back of the throat with his first gush of hot cum and it was all I could do to swallow to get ready for the next blast.

Mike started to do his famous "fountain" thing and I had to take him out of my mouth before I'd drown. I kept licking the underside of his shaft and Mike kept on spraying all over the place. I corn cobbed his stiff dick and he came some more. I took him back into my mouth for a few more hearty spurts, and then went back to licking him. He just kept on ejaculating. Dee snapped the first picture of me sucking Mike at 6:45 and in the one time stamped 6:54 I was getting up off the bed which was positively soaked. For a full nine minutes I worked Mike with my mouth and he rewarded my efforts with the most amazing flying jizz show that I'd ever been a part of. If sucking Dave back at Easter was a fire, this was a conflagration beyond my wildest curious dreams.

Yes, this is a really shitty crop job, but it's the best
I could do and be comfortable. That's my tongue
working Mike who's happily gushing as I lick him.

On the way home Dee remarked that she probably took more pictures of me that I did of her. In looking through the series, she just might be right!
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Mac said...

Sounds terribly exciting to me. You know how I love to see every picture. Everybody won here. What a night. All three of you must have been completly satiated. Hot, steamy and totally erotic.

Sheen V said...

Wow! Exciting indeed!! To be a part of that...

Woody said...

The picture of the cum spurting and your tongue on his cock made a wet spot in my shorts. Your tender touch would have put anyone over the edge. What a life.