Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Way Better Than Monday Night Football

So, I hadn't realized that yesterday's talking with Dan had Dee stewing with raw, pussy creaming desire until she was on her way to bed. She came to me here in my 'puter chair for what I thought was a simple good-night kiss but when I slid my hands up the front of her sweatshirt to find her braless nipples hard enough to cut glass I could tell, as well as by the way she kissed me, that she was aroused and looking to cum. I followed her up the stairs, my tongue sporting the lingual version of a hard-on because I wanted to eat her turned-on pussy silly.

Having overindulged at the buffet for supper (because we rarely fuck on Mondays) I didn't think I'd be up to functioning other than orally so I planned just some well directed cunnilingus as we headed up to the bedroom, and I didn't bother stopping in the bathroom to wash the boys as I usually do when I'm expecting Dee to go down on me, nor did I take my own clothes off as I approached the bed. Dee apparently had more in mind than just a mustache ride, though, and pointed out that I was still dressed as if to say, "Oh, you're doing more than eating me."

Dee stripped nude wantonly before mounting the bed, and following her lead I did too though not sure that I'd be up to dancing the push-up polka on a full belly. Remembering that dream she had a few weeks ago in which she was kissing Dan and he was fondling her breasts I started to work Dee's precious peaks with hands and fingers as soon as our lips met. Her tits have never felt as good as they have since she told me about that dream and they were sweet putty in my hands as her tongue spoke to me, but wordlessly, of her desire for her coworker. My lips journeyed south from Dee's mouth to her stiff nipples and then after visiting each of them in turn down the front of her belly, pausing to dip inside her navel, and then over her mons. Dee bent her legs at the knees and parted them lazily to either side and I set to work. A most wonderful work. The sight of her body with her big nipples poking up, when the tip of my tongue is easing apart her labia, never fails to captivate me nor my cock which was now getting nice and hard and starting to drizzle precum onto the sheet.

Dee couldn't have masked her desire if she tried and even with the first sweep of my mouth up through her fleshy valley her bottom rolled up to meet the tip of my tongue as it rode over her engorged clitoris which felt twice as big as it usually does when it's hard. When Dee's really aroused her bottom and belly dance in sync with the movements of my lips and tongue on her pussy and her performance last night was like a cross between a ballet and a jackhammer. Her first climax surprised me when it came on quickly and hit hard as I licked Dee with a firm pressure from the bottom of her opening up over her mons with each pass of my tongue. I was able to catch myself toward the end, though, and hold a little back so that after waiting a minute or so for Dee's orgasmic spasms to wane I once again attacked her but this time only her clit itself with the very tip of my tongue, moving fast and with the pressure of a butterfly's kiss. My buzzing tongue with a well placed finger along the upper wall of her vagina and Dee looked like I was electrocuting her with pleasure. She came again, really hard, with spasms that threatened to knock my face out of the saddle. Being well practiced in the lingual arts, though, I managed to hold on for dear life till even the last of Dee's minor twitches had diminshed and she pushed my forehead away from her bottom with a gentle nudge.

A while later I discovered with much glee that indeed, I was up to climbing atop Dee and pumping her full of hot cum, but it was the getting there that was particularly delicious because she came at mt cock and balls with her mouth as if her continued existence depended on how well she would tend to them with her oral favors. I warned her even as she made her approach that I was dirty with the day's sweat, but she paid no heed and dove for my goods with her tongue leading the way. She went for my nuts first, licking and sucking them fervently just the way I like it with her lips spread wide apart, and when she slid her tongue up my stiff shaft and popped my eager cock into the warmth of her face I thought I might lose it right then and there. Admittedly, it was extra arousing to have Dee working me over as hungrily as she was without my having washed.

When I couldn't stand the tease any longer I rolled to the side to let Dee know that I needed to be in her pussy right then. She scrambled into position, kicked up her heels and I buried my throbbing cock into her warm mush on a single stroke. It wasn't long until she grinned and gave me a well timed squeeze with her amazing hole knowing full well that it would start me cumming. And, cum I did, my cock volleying another thick gob of white, hot gunk into my wife's churning snatch with each heaving spasm of yet antother fucktastic orgasm shared with her.

As usual, my head was fairly spinning by the time Dee emptied me into her, but I could tell that she could use at least one more. "Want a V?" I asked - my way of asking if she'd like a go with the vibrator with which she often enjoys ending an evening of naked play. A huge smile and a hearty, "Okay," was all it took for me to reach into the bag alongside the bed where we keep the toys to get out the vibrator along with "Mr. Big" the longest and thickest of our dildos. With a flick of the switch I got the vibe humming and handed it to Dee to apply to the precise spot above her clit where she likes it while with the other hand I was guiding the tip of Mr. Big to her opening from which my semen was oozing. Dee's cunt swallowed the toy whole and as I started working it in and out of her I could tell by the resistance that she was clamping down on it so hard that if it were a cock it wouldn't stand a chance of staying inside her.

Dee's final climax was one for the books with her bottom nearly bouncing off the bed with each huge jolt of pleasure piercing her with every spasm of an orgasm that seemed to go on and on for a long time. When we were finally cleaned up, in our pajamas, and ready for that last good-night kiss, Dee said the one thing I most love hearing after tending to her sexual cravings - "Thank you!" I got a very sweet, "I love you," too, but it's that, "Thank you," that means so much in terms of knowing that I gave her as much satisfaction as she needed.

"Mr. Big" slides deep into Dee's cum filled pussy
while "V" buzzes her clit toward another wild climax.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

"well practiced in the lingual arts"

That small phrase turned me on like you wouldn't believe.


Mac said...

Oh, words can't describe how I loved every bit of that, Joe. Isn't it the most wonderful thing in the world to be able to give Dee that kind of pleasure??