Monday, October 23, 2006

Misc. Stuff, and More Talk with Dan

I've been somewhat terse here as of late, but not because of my occasional moodiness. I'm feeling quite good (Good. Not well. And bread can't be "freshly baked" either.) actually; I just haven't been on any noteworthy bandwagons the past couple of weeks.

We had a very nice evening with Don last week and we anticipate a wonderful evening with Mike in a few days. I miss Mike a lot. We had to cancel on him two weeks ago because of Dee's hip hurting and it feels like forever since we've seen him.

I tend to vary a lot in what I like to do online, and my preferences seem to come in cycles. For a time I'll grab a lot of nudie pics from the newsgroups, and then when I get bored with that I'll troll the amateur websites. I've been particularly enjoying the bare wares at Show Me Your Wife in the mornings lately though I visit there using an old version of Netscape with Java and all scripting disabled to avoid their stupid pop-ups. I love seeing naked women and starting my mornings with a good dose of hot MILFs is always fun.

How come most folks online who are interested in sharing sex related things about themselves are generally into sharing pictures or sharing stories, but not both? All those naked ladies in the newsgroups and at the wife related websites... I see their fun parts regularly, but don't know the stories behind them. Maybe it's 'cause half their husbands are posting their pictures without the ladies themselves knowing that the world is seeing them?

Of course I love seeing the guys too. If you missed this view of Mike over at Shared Cindy a few days ago, you can thank me for pointing you in the right direction when you're finished drooling all over that wicked sight of his hard manliness.

I stopped writing a paragraph ago to head out for supper. We were just going to grab some burgers, but daughter had a hankering for Chinese. Once again my fortune cookie made me grin...

When we got home Dee decided that she'd take a nap. While she was undressing and I was snapping some pics of her in her white undies she told me that she and Dan talked again today. He said he's still weirded out by the thought of me watching him do her. She told him that he was welcome to join us sometime just to watch her do it with somebody else. Still no commitment from him, though.

I wonder sometimes if a coworker of mine had put me in a similar quandary, what I might've done. Would I have given into the temptation if I found her desirable? In what state of sorrow would my marriage have had to have been for me to assent to her devilish invitation, or would I have gone for the moist prize even if my relationship with Dee wasn't lacking anything? My heart goes out to Dan, but only an iota; the rest of me thinks he's being an idiot.

The view of Dee that I had just a few minutes ago
when she was telling me about her talk with Dan today.
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RobbieG said...

Oh I so love watching panties cumming down.