Friday, November 03, 2006

Mellower Than We'd Planned

Alas! The best laid plans, as they say, often turn to shit in the eleventh hour. Got a late mail from Don yesterday letting us know that he wouldn't be able to make it last night because of a personal emergency. We haven't heard from him yet today, but we hope all is well on his end.

Mike joined us as planned and we had a great time with him. I enjoyed giving him a most thorough cock sucking in between Dee riding atop his hard cock and him mounting her missionary style for the grande finale. It was really cool! He was fucking along, giving it to Dee with full thrusts. I heard his quiet orgasmic moans seconds before I heard the squishy, wet sounds start coming from where he was joined to Dee. I knew the precise moment that he started gushing into her and, as always, the knowledge that our dear friends was ejaculating deep inside my wife filled me with a feeling of complete satsifaction in a way that I couldn't begin to explain.

After a brief respite Dee and Mike sucked me to full hardness and not long afterwards I was adding my own batch of fresh, warm cum to Dee's squirming pussy.

The three of us then pretty much collapsed on the bed in a "Dee sandwich," barely talking and just savoring the down time together. We called it an early evening when we thought we might all fall asleep together.

Sometimes it's like that. We're so comfortable with each other that on occasion we can enjoy really mellow evenings where the sex is very nice but we're more into being cozy than swinging from the light fixtures. It might be a little less fun to read about here, but it's what makes sharing ourselves with friends, as "crazily" as we do, as special as it is to us.

After some long kisses, Dee and Mike shared in some
mellower than usualy foreplay with lazy fingers, giving us
a clue that it was going to be one of our more laid back evenings.
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