Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cards 'n' Letters

For the past few years, I've been archiving all of the sex related mails that Dee and I have received and sent. They're saved by month and by year on two separate hard drives, and at the end of each year they're burned to CDs. I can't really say why it is that I save them all. Now and then I find it helpful for one reason or another to sift through the saved mails to find something in particular, but mostly I think it's simply habit to save them as I do. Maybe, too, somewhere in the back of my brain I'm keeping them so I can remember this time of my life and its unique pleasures if I get to the point where I can't remember much else.

I don't sort the mails for archiving except by month so they're not separated by author, nor by whether they were received or sent. (I have a slick piece of software that can help me to pinpoint a single mail if the need arises.) Thus, I can't tell you how many of the mails Dee and I tended to in 2006 were those we wrote as opposed to simply read, but all together we handled 12,360 individual pieces of mail in the Sweetmrs39 and Deesjoe personae, not including the thousands of other "regular" mails from family and friends." Because we try to reply to most of the letters we get, I'd estimate somewhat under half of those mails were the ones which we wrote.

12,360 mails, and 12,359
of them good ones in 2006.

Although I enjoy a quick one-liner posted here by way of comment to one of my entries, it's in the mails where Dee and I mostly interact with the folks who enjoy our writings and pictures, and it's in our correspondence that we screen potential, new lovers. I took down Dee's mail address from here last month and stopped using it in our nude picture posts when she started working a lot of overtime hours, but she still gets whole bunches of mails from her regular online friends and would-be lovers to keep her busy. All in all, it's in reading the mails, (most of them anyway), where we're amply rewarded for sharing what we do online of our adventures. Though some of the time the mails can be a drudge - when folks are asking for more than we can give of ourselves or when they seem to hit the inbox all at once - most of the time they're upbeat and positive and richly rewarding to us both.

If you were in there among the 12,359 good mails we read and wrote last year, thanks for being a part of sharing Dee and "Sharing Dee" along with us.
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MikeCindynJoe said...

We should all thank YOU for "Sharing Dee"

In fact...here's MY "Thank you!"

KYCM said...

Ditto MikeCindynjoe..... Thank You for all your work and efforts. You are two very special people and I admire you both greatly. Thanks for being my friends and allowing the insight into your worlds.