Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How Much Is That Willie In The Picture?

Yesterday afternoon I had the house alone for a while and I went through a large directory of pictures that Dee and I received from her wannabe lovers over the course of our first year or so of posting her nude and action pictures online. Back then when the mails weren't as voluminous as they've become I saved the pictures by the e-mail addresses from whence they came. As I cruised through the various offerings I recognized a good number of the names of the men, women, and couples who'd sent us their pictures and I regret that we've fallen out of touch with most of them. Back then we had more time to get into lengthy, juicy, spicy mails with various folks. Nowadays we're lucky if we can answer a few of the longer mails in a week

Mixed in there among the over 2,500 pics in that single directory were a number of shots from some of the guys who later actually made love with Dee. It was exciting to see those first pictures they'd sent us of themselves because I remembered looking at them back when they had sent them and imagining them taking Dee to bed. I remembered staring longingly at the pics they'd sent of their erect cocks and studying each of them in great detail while imagining those very same dicks working on my wife's pleasure and in turn being touched, licked, sucked, and fucked by her. Even thoughts of perhaps sucking them myself took a distant back seat to my imaginings of Dee having her way with them.

On the left is the picture of Tyler's cock that I contemplated for ten days, from when he sent it at my request after we made plans to meet with him until I snapped the picture on the right of him doing it with Dee. When he started undressing her at the motel and I saw his cock stick straight up as it does in his picture, I knew she was really going to enjoy his amazing hardness, and she did!
My own cock would start to harden and drip as if we were actually there in a motel room with the man in the picture as I'd look at his images and think about the many delicious and pleasurable possibilities he might engage in with my wife. I'd spent some time just imagining Dee and the guy kissing with their hands roaming freely over each other's body fully clothed. As so often in real life on one of our date nights, the kisses would increase in intensity and passion as her lover would slide his hands up the front of her shirt and she would reach to undo his belt. Although in my mind's eye I couldn't yet see his hands touching her breasts and making her big nipples stiffen with his fingertips, nor her fingers wrapping around the shaft of his cock when she'd reach inside his pants to touch him for the first time, it was all there going through my brain just in viewing the pictures we'd gotten in our mails.

Invariably, it all went back to his cock - his beautiful, hard, eager cock that I saw in the shots that he'd sent. I'd see it glistening from Dee's saliva when she'd take him into her mouth to start moving her sweet lips up and down, taking him as deep as she'd dare without gagging. I'd watch her dip down now and then to strum her tongue all over and around his bloated balls while her little fingers would tend to his stiff dick then. I'd see her lie back for him to kiss and suck on her tender nipples while touching her slit with his fingers, and then watch him eat her out to give her climax after climax with his tongue until she'd whimper for him to enter her body. And then, the pièce de résistance! I'd watch that cock in the pictures kiss the opening of Dee's hole and then part her labia thick with her desire and move into into her - into the warmth of her soft belly to give her great pleasure and to fill her with hot cum as an ultimate tribute to her beautifully open and generous sexuality.

Bob's was another spectacular looking cock the sight of which I particularly enjoyed as I counted down the days till we could meet with him and he could do with Dee all of the fun things we talked about in our mails. His dick was even thicker and longer in person than it appeared to be in his pictures which gave me an extra thrill when I saw him ease it up into Dee.
Through the years there have been a number of hard cocks in pictures that I was sure would one day enjoy the scorching delights of Dee's magnificent pussy, but which never did. I feel bad at times that there've been lots of guys with whom we'd thought Dee would make love eventually, but who faded into the woodwork as time passed and our mails from and to them got shorter and farther apart. Sustaining the kind of correspondence that results in a Dee kind of sexual bliss takes more time and effort than most guys can offer. I haven't met one who's slid his cock out of her pussy all slimy with their combined juices, though, who didn't think the weeks or months of writing was worth it.

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