Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Panini, My Weenie!

I was just going to write an entry here about how it makes my blood boil when Stouffer's advertises their "Panini" (umpteen friggin' times an evening) because the things they're showing in the commercials are nothing but fucking little sandwiches. If it looks like a sandwich, walks like a sandwich, and quacks like a sandwich, it's a damned sandwich and calling it by a different name to make it sound like some kind of rare gourmet treat is just wrong whether you cut your sandwich from top to bottom or diagonally - i.e. no matter how you slice it. Advertisers suck. They suck donkey ass.

I'm not going to write that entry after all, because it was already done here and better than I could have written it up because I don't know Italian. It's always good to see that I'm not alone when something stupid like this pisses me off.

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