Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun Today

Don showed up at our door today when we had a carpenter out back doing some work. I suggested that Don and Dee head up to the bedroom while I'd stay downstairs in case the guy needed anything. I popped upstairs after a while to see what they were up to and when I walked in Dee was flat on her back with her knees apart; Don was eating her to orgasm. I snapped a few pictures and headed back down.

The second time I ventured up the worker was almost finished for the day so I stuck around a little longer. When I walked in on them their former roles were reversed. Don was lying back and Dee was enjoying his cock with her mouth. When she offered me some I was quick to get Don's delicious dick between my lips. After I had my fill Dee took Don back into her mouth for a while and then got on all fours for Don to do her from behind. After cumming a few times from the vigorous pussy fucking Don gave her Dee groaned when he slid his hard cock out of her gooey hole and up into her ass and not long after she was climaxing again.

I got myself undressed when Don went to the bathroom to wash up. Dee sucked my cock and licked my balls for a little while until Don returned to the bedroom. When he did, Dee presented her bare bottom to me and took Don into her mouth again. I watched her suck her lover's dick while I stroked my own with my right hand and finger fucked her slick pussy thinking about how it had just felt wrapped around Don's stiff cock and how it was going to feel to Dan in two weeks when he finally gets his cock inside her.

We dressed and came downstairs to bid Don farewell and then scrambled back up to the bedroom. By now the worker had left and I was good and ready to claim my wife's sweet prize. I was primed. We'd been shopping for a few hours in the morning and I had been wearing the horns so bad that passers by might have noticed that I looked like I was ready to lay Dee down in the gardening center at The Home Depot and take her right there. We got back to the bed and Dee dove for my cock. After a great sucking and a fantastic ball licking I slid up into Dee's warm belly and came so hard that it felt like I was somehow spraying my whole self up into her.

Two more weeks and hopefully Dan will be doing with Dee the things he'd been desiring for over a year. I hope it will be sweet for them. As much as it was for Sarah and me in August and will be again, maybe in the exact same moments when Dee will be making love with Dan.

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D said...

Wonderful to see that you're posting again, Joe. I very hot post at that and as always a lovely picture of two people giving each other pleasure.

mia said...

Yay, a post! Awesome, just awesome.

s said...

great posting and awesome pic. too bad Dee didn't snap one of you with Don's cock in your mouth.