Monday, May 02, 2011

Back? Don't Remember How to Get There.

Since I put access to the blog back up and posted that little blurb before this one I'd checked the old hit counter to see if there was still any "action" here, and to my great surprise I found out there was, but not like in the past two days. I suspected that something was up, and it didn't take me more than a quick pop into Shared Cindy to see that my hunch was right. Somebody (A dear, old blog friend, actually.) noticed that I'm still alive and returned a "favor" from a number of years ago when Shared Cindy was just starting up and I put a link to there from here.

Anyway, I'm not really back. I'm in limbo. I think I totally burned myself out sexually. But, for what it's worth, I'm alive, and poking around in the ashes so to speak. I'm here, sort of. I'm not sure why I opened Sharing Dee back up. The reason I put it back online was so I could go into the archives myself to find what I'd thought was an article Dee wrote about our get-together with Mike #1 in 2003, but I never did find it. Now I'm not sure it ever existed though I'd thought it had. And once I was in there, I just left it up for any of you who might still want to peek around the old stuff.

I finally got a DSLR. And now Dee doesn't have breasts for me to take pictures of her that anybody would want to see. A pathetic irony of sorts.

Thanks to those of you who stopped by to say HI since I dropped in here. It's nice to know you're still out there, and that you care about us.



Steve Spence said...

just because you have had breast surgury doesn't mean that you shouldn't show them for others to enjoy. Please find the courage to take some pictures that show your sexuality. I'd be willing to bet that there is more interest than you might think. We are who we are and should be proud of it. If you enjoy the attention, let the readers decide which parts of you to share.

Anonymous said...

The weirdest thing: I was just thinking about your old blog this morning, and here you are.

Dee looks very nice w/ or without her breasts, and your stories were always great.