Saturday, May 28, 2005

Musings: Early Morning Love Making

Sure, it's a lot of fun sharing Dee with the other guys who enjoy being with her so much and whose intimacy Dee savors, but the single biggest joy of Dee's new sexuality is felt when she and I make love here at home. Unlike on our "date nights," our love making here on our own bed doesn't last for hours because it's shared in the course of a day in which we typically wear our other hats as employees, parents, bill payers, meeting attendees, shoppers, etc., but it's the single best expression of the new love we found right here in our marriage three summers ago. When I'm inside my wife, there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be than right there with her, as close to her as I can possibly be.

This morning I awoke at 6:00 with a full bladder and a cock as hard as steel, and on my way to the bathroom I passed Dee who was already at her computer going through some mails and chatting with Mike. (Warning: Early morning is Dee's chat time with Mike and it's a special time. Don't try bothering her then with chat attempts. As a general rule, she doesn't chat with anybody else and attempts at trying to chat with her will only make you a nuisance to her.) I was horny but still sleepy, and tired won out so I kissed Dee on my way back to sleep and headed back under the covers where for about a half an hour I dozed only fitfully while hearing Dee's little fingers tapping on the keys as she talked to Mike and replied to some fan mail. When I realized that in spite of wanting more sleep I wasn't about to do more than just doze lightly I finally got up, got some coffee, and settled into my computer chair a few feet to the right of Dee's. I deleted the spams that arrived overnight, and glanced at the CC's that Dee sent to me of her replies to a few of her admirers, but I didn't get more than three sips of coffee in before Dee got up, turned off her monitor, and asked me if I wanted some pussy for breakfast.

We headed upstairs, met in the bathroom to wash, and then went eagerly to the bedroom. Again, unlike on date night when the undressing is somewhat of a ceremonial beginning to the evening's festivities, Dee and I quickly undressed ourselves and climbed onto the bed. Following a few tender kisses and whispers of I love you's, Dee laid down so I could eat her sweet pussy. She always tastes particularly fantastic when she's horny in the morning and I savor the scent and taste of her bottom when I lick her there. In a few minutes a single well placed finger up inside and my tongue on the outside did their magic and Dee was squirming on my face with quick spasms punctuating her orgasm.

When the jolts of her pleasure slowed and then came to an end, Dee rolled over and rolled me onto my back to return my oral favors. Her open mouth went right for my balls and my cock twitched as I felt her tongue on me. When it's time to get me hard, there's nothing in the world like having my balls licked and gently sucked to do the job. Dee's like an artist with her tongue and lips and my nuts are a most willing canvas. I was stiff in a minute and Dee licked her way up my shaft to take me inside her mouth. The warm tight seal of her lips was indescribable around my swollen dick and it didn't take long until her devilish tongue had me urging Dee to lie back and lift her legs for me.

I love the few seconds it takes me to get into position while Dee lifts her parted knees and gives me that "Come on in!" look. In that brief time I savor the sight of my hot and horny wife in the position that best exemplifies her raw sexuality; her bare bottom is fully accessible; her excited labia are parted, and the juicy dimple of her vestibule glistens invitingly. Best of all, though, are her eyes saying so many things to me all at once from, "Fuck me, now!" through, "I love you!" with every wonderful other thing she might say to me in between. I slid forward as I looked into the warm, wet pools of her brown eyes and totally lost myself in her as her hot pussy engulfed my cock to the hilt.

It didn't take long, horny as I was when I awoke and then hornier still after eating Dee and having her suck me, until she was squeezing my dick on the inside and urging me to cum inside her - to fill her up. She reached down to tickle my balls and I was a goner. I fucked her faster, watching her creamy, round tits sway, but stared into her eyes when my cock began erupting and I squirted powerfully deep in my angelic wife's beautiful body. Her sweet smile told me that she loved being in her role as the hot, horny, loving wife in that very moment when she's looking into my soul while her phenomenal hole is squeezing my throbbing cock and milking every last drop of cum into her. I stayed inside Dee after I had given her all that was there, until my knees said, "Uh, you better move now," withdrawing oh so reluctantly with my eyes still locked onto hers saying things to her heart that my voice could never express adequately.

Dee was still good for one more good climax, so after I climbed off the bed I got to my knees and reached to the drawer for our favorite vibrator and the dildo that reminds her of Don. It's almost better watching Dee reach orgasm when I'm not trying to cum myself because I can see her whole body all at once responding to the grip of pleasure that tightens as her climax gets closer. When Dee came this morning on the toys, it was one of the most intense orgasms I've seen her have in a long time. Without anybody on top of her, her whole body was free to move, and move it did as each spasm of obviously strong pleasure jolted through her beautiful form. It was like watching a spontaneous ballet, but as aesthetic as any rehearsed performance ever was.

And that, dear reader, was how I started my Saturday!

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