Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sonnet: Dee's & Don's First Time

Be impressed. ;) This is written in iambic pentameter in classic sonnet form.

My heart was in my throat when we first met
With him. I didn't know what you would do,
Nor if I knew that I could see you wet
Because of him. I hoped your heart'd be true
To me. Then, there you were without your shirt -
His hands on you where only I had been
For many years. His hands went up your skirt!
To stop you would have been the greater sin.
Your face, it glowed! Sweet kisses on your lips
Returned to his. Your tongue's and his shared greed;
His fingers moving deftly o'er your hips -
Your parting thighs that he might feel your need.
And then his spear inside your fleshy sheath!
Your legs wrapped 'round his back with feet held high.
I rest upon the laurels of that wreath
So woven when I saw you touch the sky.


Matt said...

hey joe...its matt....just saying hi and that I'll be keeping up here too

george and vanna said...

Terrific stuff, guys. Keep it up!