Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Retrospective: Dee Sees Don Alone

August 26 - I was with Dee that morning from the moment she stepped out of the shower and came into our room to dry her hair. The look on her face was exquisite - one of childish glee - and I studied her nude form as she raised the dryer over her head and ran the brush through the disheveled mop atop her head, and watched transfixed as she shaped it into the form through which Don would be running his fingers in less than an hour. I gazed hungrily at her bare breasts rolling as she moved her arms to guide the brush and dryer over her head and wished that I had the time myself to run my own hands over her legs, up her soft thighs and around her beautiful buns. But, alas, it was my first day back at work myself after the annual Summer vacation, and it would be only Don who would have the time to be with her this morning and to take her out of the clothes into which I watched her enrobe herself. I wondered what was going through her brain as she covered her soft flesh knowing that soon Don would be touching her anywhere he pleased. Was she anticipating so eagerly the pleasure she knew she would feel herself, or was the delight I witnessed more about the pleasure that she knew she would be giving to him?

I felt jealous, not in knowing that Don was about to be with my wife alone, but merely because he had the opportunity and I had to be heading back to work. After the Summer we just had the last thing in the world I wanted to do was to give up the freedom I had known - all the hours that I had in which to do little more than think about how wonderful each passing day dad been. Admittedly, I was thinking the whole time as I got dressed myself about the particular pleasures that Don and Dee might share that morning. My own cock stirred as I imagined her taking his hard cock into her mouth, her soft tongue tending to his balls. Too I thought about Don's hands on her breasts making her nipples poke out from her soft breasts, sliding up her thighs and making her quiver for his touch at her center. I thought of how wet she would be when Don finally positioned himself on his knees before her legs open wide on the seat of his van and guided his stiff cock to her opening, and over and over in my mind I thought about that first slow push that would bury the full length of his dick into the warmth of her eager pussy.

I could barely stand watching her getting into her car because I so much wished that I could be going with her to watch once again how she and Don make love in their sweet and usually slow, easy way. But, off she went as I finished my coffee and got my things together to leave for work, still thinking in each second about the pleasures they were going to share alone together for the first time. I was distracted at work by things to which I needed to devote my attention, but at every opportunity to spend a moment in thought, I glanced at my watch and wondered precisely what Don and Dee were doing in that particular slice of time. I sat behind my desk with my cock semi-hard, knowing that if I needed to arise suddenly I stood the risk of embarrassing myself. Thus at times I tried deliberately to focus on my work, but it was a constant battle of my consciousness to balance the desire to continue thinking about Don and Dee with my need to maintain my composure and not behave strangely.

I knew that Don would be taking some pictures for me and imagined him taking them. I'd asked for two in particular - one showing his cock embedded inside of Dee's wet vagina, and another showing his cum inside her hole. For how much it excites me just to watch them undress and touch each other, there is no comparable emotion to the one that I experience when I see his cock disappearing between her swollen folds, except for the one I feel at the moment when I know that his cum is urgently squirting deep inside her which is, perhaps, the deepest and most fulfilling emotional rush of all. Somehow if he were wearing a condom, all other things being equal, it wouldn't be the same. Dee and I both feel the need for her to be able to let her lover give himself completely to include his ejaculating inside her. Somehow without that the whole thing would be cheapened if he were cumming into a rubber sheath rather than into and onto the soft flesh deep in her pussy.

Every time before I had been there as Dee used her fingers and mouth to make Don's cock rock hard as he tended to making her vagina drip with eagerness to receive him. In the van earlier in the month, I had watched as Don opened Dee's pants and slid them with her panties down and off her smooth legs, leaving her to spread them wide as he knelt in front of her with his hard dick poking straight out from his body, and slid his own trousers and underpants all the way down to his knees. On that day in the cramped space of the van I couldn't really see as he nestled the tip of his glans between her puffy labia and slid himself inside, but I could see Don's bottom press into her and watched Dee's face light up the moment it happened. And there I was, at work on the day of which I pen this account only being able to imagine that same look of utter bliss spreading across her face at the feeling of Don's cock entering her body.

As I looked at my watch over and over again I knew that within a given block of time, judging by what time they would meet each other and what time she'd need to leave for work, they must have been doing "it." I tried to estimate when Don's release might happen - the moment that he would be gushing his warm load into my wife's bottom and wondered in each second if that weren't the one in which it might be happening. Imagine the thrill when I got home later to see the pictures I had wanted to see - one of Dee's opening and labia sealed around the circumference of Don's hard cock, and the one immediately following showing her hole open in an "O" shape with his white semen poised and ready to drip out of her. When the picture had been snapped none of his cum had yet leaked out and my eyes were glued to the image in the awareness that all of his load was still inside her at that moment captured forever by his lens.

When I called Dee from work at the first opportunity she could speak only softly and in little detail. She told me that indeed she had sucked his cock into hardness so he could put it into her where she was waiting to feel it. As usual they had kissed tenderly as Don either opened her clothes to see her body or helped her out of them where they might inhibit their movements together. My cock was more than semi-hard as she told me that she had undone his pants, his zipper, and helped him to take them down. She then told me that there were a couple of "surprise" pictures that Don would be sending me too. That little bit of information drove me crazy all day until I could come home to see what she had been talking about. Many crazy ideas ran through my brain in considering what the surprises might be, but I didn't imagine they would be what they turned out to be.

The one that kept returning to my head to haunt me was that I might arrive home to find pictures of Don's semen dripping from Dee's lips or tongue. She hadn't ever allowed a man, not even me, to ejaculate into or near her mouth and I couldn't help wonder if she had welcomed Don to be the first. We'd talked about it and she had said that she was considering taking a load orally sometime, but I made it clear that I expected to be the first, my fear being that if she had allowed Don to do it before me and if she absolutely hated it, then I'd never get the chance. So all day I was on erotic edge wondering if that hadn't been the nature of the surprise pics – if she just hadn't been able to resist getting Don close to cumming with her mouth and then kept her face in place when he told her that his orgasm was imminent.

When I did arrive home I couldn't log onto the net fast enough to bring up my e-mail connect. Down came the pictures and the first two were the ones I had requested. Then came the surprises which weren't what I had "feared." Don has a thing for seeing women "flashing" in public places. There was my Dee with her skirt hiked up standing outside the van, in one shot showing her sweet bare ass, and in the other her front. To see her outdoors with her bottom bared to Don's lens was maddening. It was most difficult suppressing the urge to make myself cum with everything going through my brain at warp speed - the anticipating, the time I'd spent knowing when they were making love, the pictures, Dee's information about what they'd done together. I couldn't wait for her to get home from work in a few hours later, just to hold her myself, to kiss her, hug her and "reclaim" her, as it were. And I wanted to be inside her very much.

After supper we walked the dog which has become one of our little special times each day when we can talk freely about the fun she's and we've been having online and in "real life." I was so turned on that she asked if I'd like to go for a ride out to the secluded property in the woods that belongs to my dad's cousins. We did. I laid the big beach towel that I keep in my car down on the grass and we helped each other out of our clothes. With only the sky as our canopy Dee and I made love for the first time ever in the open outdoors and it was fantastic. On Thursday, three days from when I'm writing this, we're going to take Don there to make love with Dee before the evenings get too dark and chilly too early. Somehow, though, I think her heat will be enough to keep both Don and I warm, and her glow just might illuminate the woods nicely.

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