Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sharing Dee Intro

I don't know if I'll keep this up or not, but I 've thought about doing it for sometime now - doing a blog about sharing my wife Dee sexually with other men. I've gotten so many letters from others in the past three years in which I've been sharing Dee, and I've answered many of them with a stark, candid sincerity, but I've gotten tired of writing all the time in response to so many questions. I wish I had compiled all of my responses to archive somewhere because I find myself now feeling overwhelmed at times when the same questions keep coming in from guys who've just found our pics and stories somewhere online and want to know more about us. I feel a certain responsibility to answer them, but my motivation is lacking. Perhaps if I can keep this blog going I'll find that place where I can put all of the "wisdom" I've acquired in the sharing experiences in order to offer what I might from my depths to those rare individuals who crave to know the inner me in all of this

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tugun said...

How about a photo archive for the new fans ?