Monday, June 13, 2005

Musings: 91,000 Pics and Counting

I have, to date, approximately 91,000 pictures of Dee in various stages of undress, but mostly totally nude. Now and then she chuckles when I show up with the camera at an unplanned time, like when she's getting dressed in the morning or stripping down to her undies to take an afternoon nap, and asks if I don't have enough pictures of her. My answer is always a resounding, "No!" I'll never have enough pictures of her even if I spend the rest of my life shooting them constantly.

I'm glad that I married an exhibitionist; I've always kind of thought of Dee as being that. When we first started getting intimate with each other, only a few weeks after having met, she shared freely with me the details of her sexual past and revealed that she'd been nude and active with a variety of boyfriends and with an older gentleman to whom she gave her virginity. She had her tits felt up for the first time in the eighth grade, and had her pussy touched in the ninth which was also the first time she touched a boy's cock. I can name all of the boyfriends she had through high school and there isn't one of them for whom at least some of her clothes didn't come off. The hottest sentence Dee has ever written is about the night her married lover fucked her for the first time, in regard to their foreplay: "I liked feeling his hardness, knowing I was able to make him want me. It was a very powerful feeling." I know that she still very much enjoys that "power" whether she's making a guy hard by showing him a picture online or taking off her clothes for a man to make love with her.

The reason that I'll never have enough pictures of Dee is because each and every one is totally unique to me, revealing her body in a way that's different from every other way I've ever seen it. Just the way her knee might be bent in a particular shot, for example, might have me out of my pants and jerking off only a short time after actually making love with her, because there's something in the image that catches my eye in a totally arousing way, and in a way I'd never seen her before. When Dee's aroused, especially, there are changes in her body that are astoundingly different to the observant eye, particularly as her labia and clitoris swell up and take on varieties of hues that change as the level of her sexual excitement deepens. Dee's body is an ever changing landscape of beautiful flesh which excites me now just as much if not more than it did nearly 23 years ago when I saw her nude for the very first time.

It's the perfect combination of desires - Dee's enjoyment of showing off her body and my thrill in seeing and photographing it as often as I do. The bonus is that online thousands of other guys can see her too. Granted there are those men who'll always desire nothing but magazine type perfect bodies for whom the sight of Dee does nothing, but in the past three years we've discovered that there are many, many guys just like me who find a body (and an attitude) like Dee's to be powerfully stimulating. If you're reading this as a result of having seen some of Dee's pics and you're looking for more, rest assured that we plan to keep showing her off for a long time to come in the usual places because, after all, I'll never have enough pictures of her, and judging by the grin that's usually on her face when I'm snapping her pics, she's nowhere near tired of having you see her and reading your mails.

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deeslittlemike said...

Wow Joe that is a lot of pictures of Dee. Your story here made me look to see how many I have. I am just shy of 30,000.

You and Dee share your pictures with me so often and I agree with you. I will not tire of looking at pictures of sexy Dee.

Weather total nude, or partially (my favorite they are all great).

Thanks for being my friends and sharing your lives the way you do.