Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rantings: Trading Pictures

"Trading Wife Pics now on (Insert name of popular chat program here.)!" How often I see something like that at Wife Lovers or Show Me Your Wife and I half chuckle and half get riled up. I never chat with the traders and I never reply to e-mails in which somebody sends a few pics and then asks for trades with that implied, "OK! Now it's your turn to send me some," written in between the lines . I think trading wife pics is one of the stupidest things guys can do with nudie pics of their wives and I think of traders as the bottom feeders in the ocean of naked wife pics.

Anything we have that we want to show off of Dee we share freely in the posting forums and the newsgroups. There are no pictures I'm going to send to anybody which I wouldn't show on the open 'net. There's no way in hell that I'm going to send face pics to some guy who could be sending me pics he found online, pretending that they're of his wife, and even if somebody has his Mrs. hold a little sign with my name on it when he snaps pics of her, there's no assurance that he's not going to send my pics out to others when he's in a trading mood and trolling for more.

Besides all of that, the whole trading wife pics thing smacks of what we did with baseball cards when we were little kids. "Let's trade! Three for three!" It sounds as childish in middle age - actually more so - than it did when we were 12. I don't need to be obligated to anybody on the internet, least of all to Fritz McPerlmanski from Sheboygan who sends me a daily diet of his wife's naked pics and then sits there getting himself into a dither because I went out to dinner, for example, and didn't return my half of the trade by suppertime.

If you have naked pics of your wife and your dick gets hard when you show them off, then by all means, share them; post them; mail them; staple them to telephone poles or slip them into random books at Barnes & Noble. If you pop some hefty wood looking at other guys' wives, WL and SMYW have sufficient pics every day to keep your pecker hopping. Enjoy the showing and the viewing, but for heaven's sake don't be one of those pre-adolescent, snot nosed traders. If I can smell that Topps bubble gum on your breath, well, I'm taking my wife's nudie pics and going home 'cause I don't want to play in your yard.

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