Saturday, June 18, 2005

Musings: Fondle with Care

1.To handle, stroke, or caress lovingly.
v. intr.
To show fondness or affection by caressing.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

Just another one of the things I love so much about my Dee - that whole notion of fondling, whether Dee is the fondler or the "fondlee," it's the affection being expressed which is the key to my excitement, and neither does it matter if she's with me on a bed or with somebody else. Yes, I've seen an occasional lover go at Dee like a sex starved maniac, like Arnie for example, who squeezed her tits like putty and gave her some bruises, and it was powerfully arousing in its own right, and at times I've seen Dee climb aboard a lover not able to shimmy her pussy down onto his rigid dick fast enough to satisfy her craving to get stretched open, and that too was very stimulating, but when it comes to making a long evening of naked fun spectacular it's the seemingly innocuous caresses and fondles that really get to me.

Fondling at the very beginning of an evening of play is terribly exciting when Dee and her lover start taking off each other's clothes and saying hello to the various fun parts they uncover. Fingertips gently studying nipples which stiffen as they're touched. A shudder as a hand snakes into a pair of underwear and a finger obviously makes brief contact with a part that aches to be caressed. A warm smile that broadens into a sly grin as a wet tongue traces a moist lip or glides against another soft tongue. A tremble and a coo when a creamy breast melts into a loving palm. A low groan as small fingers wrap around a maddeningly stiff cock and glide up the shaft or as they curl under a pair of heavy balls to tickle just behind them. It's all about taking time, exploring, and downright deliberately teasing in an affectionate way to build arousal and to speak of warm emotion in its best setting - without clothing, without inhibition.

Fondling continues throughout a love making session with Dee. When she and a lover aren't actively working hard on making the other climax they're together on the bed just the same for most of the time - kissing, cuddling, caressing, and if the time allows, slowly building their mutual passions for more of the intense stuff. After a lover cums, Dee's fingers are usually all over his cock and balls and sometimes his nipples afterwards when they're lying together, if not working him up for another ride, then expressing her thanks for the pleasure already given and just giving him the soft tremors of pleasure that come from an affectionate touch. Likewise, she welcomes his fingers anywhere and everywhere they please to roam. Dee savors a lover's touch - enjoys being fondled by him - having her soft skin caressed adoringly, especially if she's nose to nose with him just lost the closeness of the moment.

The best of Dee's touches, perhaps, is when she reaches for a man's balls while he's inside her. If you could watch her fingertips as they glide over her lover's balls while they're making love, you'd "hear" her encouraging him to let go - to forget about holding back his climax any longer for the sake of her pleasure, and to run with the sensations. If you'd been inside Dee yourself to feel that special touch you'd know that while her fingers are caressing her lover's balls in trying to make him orgasm, her pussy itself is clenching his cock in a loving grip, becoming fantastically snug, tightening and then releasing in waves as if to stroke his cock inside her to make him finally fill her up with his cream. Match that with her glistening, brown eyes staring adoringly into her lover's own, speaking volumes in their silent gaze, along with, perhaps, a softly voiced, "Cum in me, babe," and to the appreciative observer it becomes keenly obvious that fondling goes beyond physical touch alone to include all of the affectionate, emotional parts of thoroughly satisfying intimacy.

All in all, it's the way that Dee fondles my very heart that makes me the luckiest guy alive; that makes me keep writing words and taking pictures in trying to show the world just how good life is with Dee at my side. I doubt that I'll ever communicate adequately just how wonderful it is to be Dee's soulmate, but I'll keep trying!

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UberDragon said...

I think you articulate the connection of souls better than most. I envy you in fact for the connection I feel in your words is rare and beautiful.