Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Musings: The Harder, The Better

When it comes to a cock that's been excited by Dee - the harder, the better! Every day it seems she gets at least a few pictures of somebody's stiff dick standing at attention and in spite of doing this for three years (and having pleasured over 20 new cocks in the flesh) she still comes close to blushing every time she sees a guy hard in her honor. It thrills her to the core when a guy is rock hard for her - in a picture, or when she reaches into his pants with that little girl grin on her face and wraps her little fingers around a cock that's already dripping with precum in anticipation of an evening of pleasure with her.

That incredible hardness which stands as testimony as to how excited a guy can be for Dee, is part of why I enjoy taking one of her lovers into my mouth on occasion. Running my tongue or sliding my lips along a shaft that's so stiff that it has no spongy "give" to it while Dee is laid out full body naked next to her lover licking tongues with him gives me a feeling I can't begin to describe. When I hear him moan, or move his hips in time with my bobbing head, it's a rush. I love, too, licking a guy's balls and squeezing his hard dick to feel it throb and twitch with pleasurable spasms. Knowing that that fantastic stiffness is going to be put to great use inside my dear wife's pussy or ass to bring her to numerous orgasms completes the erotic picture for me to make my bi experiences with the guys great on multiple levels.

A few times a month somebody will send Dee a "tribute" picture featuring his hard cock in the foreground with a picture of her, either on his monitor or in hard copy, nude in the background, and I confess that such a picture turns me on as much as it does Dee herself - maybe more. There's just something magnificent about seeing a guy's dick standing at attention when my wife is the focus of his arousal. I'll never ask for a "monitor" pic or a "tribute" to Dee in a post, though. Most of the time I think those requests are made in the posting forums by husbands whose wives don't even know that their nude pictures are being shown on the 'net. While I have no objection to making a cock hard, I'm not going to be a chump for somebody pretending to be his wife just to get his jollies with a "tribute." You want a real tribute? Take off your wife's pants for another man's cock and watch it get stiff right there before your eyes! I'm sure you'll agree - the harder, the better!

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Joe and Dee

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