Sunday, June 05, 2005

Musings: Random Stuff in a Cynical Mood

Ever heard of a "hot wife anklet?" In some circles, (i.e. internet sites pertaining to the hot wife lifestyle), an anklet worn on the right ankle of a married woman indicates that she's a wife who's open to entertaining men sexually. Of course, since this information is privy seemingly only to those folks who troll the internet for hot wife reading, pictures, etc., nobody's bothered to tell the general public to wear their anklets on the left or to leave them off completely to accommodate the dyslexic. Thus, the odds of an anklet being worn around the right ankle of a married woman who isn't a hot wife are likely far greater than those applying to a hot wife on the prowl, and being too forward with an anklet sporting wife is more likely to get you into trouble than into bed. Nevertheless, there is that select population of anklet adorned, married hotties for whom that anklet is worn as a badge of honor. My Dee is such a wife, often wearing one of her various anklets, especially when she's all dolled up. Every time I look down and see it wrapped around her well turned ankle I grin with smug satisfaction in knowing that it represents how well and how often her delicious pussy has been the source of ultimate pleasure for an excited cock, and I take delight that she enjoys knowing that maybe every now and then somebody spies it and imagines himself rolling around naked with her though he might not dare to approach her.

New Cock! If all pans out as planned, this Thursday Dee will have a new cock to enjoy and to pleasure. I'm only half confident that Bob will show up because he's not writing daily nor at length which makes me think that he might be getting cold feet. I hate the games that guys often play in talking a good game and then running away with their balls all shriveled up when the time comes to drop trou and put their cocks where their mouths are. I tell them point blank that if they're not serious, they shouldn't waste our time, but now and then a prospective lover turns chicken-shit at the last minute with some idiotic excuse that a kindergartener wouldn't believe. I'm good for second chances these days about as much as the losers get to replay the Super Bowl the following week because they didn't win the first time. The last time we gave a dork a second chance he didn't show again and dared to ask for a third. Yeah. Right!

Time for church... I'll come back with more later today if the muse descends...

It descended, but I'm still in rant mode; here we go... Leeches, lurkers, lamers! Our "Dee's Latest Adventure" page is averaging around 500 hits per week these days, but we get little to no feedback about it. Same with this blog - it's taken off hugely in comparison to the very few hits I'd thought it might get, but I've gotten few reactions, except from Mike. Obviously there are bunches of horny folks reading this stuff. It drives me nuts: pay sites abound and folks think nothing of sending in their $19.95 a month, but when you offer something free, asking only for some appreciative comments, everybody's too busy to put down a few words.

It's June 5th when I'm writing this and the temperature in the alleyway outside my window is 89 degrees F. (Dee and I just walked the dog and It feels like it's about 120 out there!) Yahoo weather, on the other hand, says it's currently only 76. I guess the discrepancy is because, as my friend's idiot brother says, "That's because that's the temperature at the airport - you know, 'cause that's where all the weather is." Damn! If the summer is going to be this hot I'm going to need to lie around naked a lot which sucks because I'm sure the kids would object.

Not sure why my cynic is up today, but I'm enjoying it and you should be too. Next - "Tell me what you would do with her," as in a "beg" at one of the wife pic posting forums. An out-of-focus, dithered, little pic in all brilliant 16 Windows default colors is featured with a pic of somebody's wife which was obviously taken with a $14 webcam hidden in a shoebox while the wife in question was getting out of the shower, (The only seeming exception to this is to show an out-of-focus, extreme close-up of her snatch which makes it look like a piece of liver that was hit down the middle with a cleaver.) and the proud hubby asks the viewing audience to Tell me what you would do with her. What he wants you to do is to write a full length short story of the kind that you'd find in Penthouse Letters telling him of the many wonderful fantasies that spring to your mind when you see his wife naked. It seems that almost always I want to write, "I'm sure your wife is beautiful, but your picture makes her look like a naked mole rat who just had an unpleasant encounter with the water dish. What I'd really like to do is make you buy a decent camera at gunpoint, and then convince your wife to allow you to share her nude pictures online with her full consent and knowledge." I believe that any lady who'd really like you to tell her what you'd like to do to her is ready to do it rather than just read about it. The "tell me" guys are the ones who don't stand a chance of seeing their wives ever actually doing any of what might be written in those tell me what you'd do stories, and I'm not going to invest an hour or better writing a story to inflate their dicks if I can't make their wives' clits plump up too.


deeslittlemike said...


I know how nervous a guy can get when meeting you and Dee for the first time.

I was that guy. On the drive up I almost turned around twice.

The two things that keep me driving north were because I said I would be there and I am a man that keeps his word when he agrees to something. The other was not wanted to disappoint Dee or you.

I am glad I never turned around that December night. WOW what a friendship has come out of that.


WM said...

Thanks for clearing up that anklet thing. Learn something new everyday.

Dave said...

Frankly, you have to ask every woman you meet if she has a signicant other. What you do with the answer is up to you.

You really can't afford to wonder about the ankle bracelet code. If you want her, ask her. If you get into the intellectual justification, you won't ask her, and if you don't ask her, you can't get.