Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Musings: In Pursuit of the Perfect Picture

Since I got my mitts on my first Playboy back in 1972 or thereabouts my eyes have been in hot pursuit of the perfect picture - the holy grail of nude images which, once in my possession, will so wholly captivate me that I'll never want another picture of a nude woman. I don't mean that the body of the woman in the picture will be flawless, (If you've read my prior entries you'll know that I like my women to be mature with an experienced look.), but that she will be posed in such a way that I'll never tire of looking at her nor of desiring that I could step into the picture to be with her forever in that slice of time.

I can't tell you what will be in such a picture, for indeed, I do not know. I have shot close to 100,000 nude pictures of Dee and although there are my favorites to which I keep returning time after time to have before me while I'm pleasuring myself, I still have not captured the one which can totally satisfy me and make me retire the cameras. Although I've been with Dee at times in which I'd wished that I could stop time and just remain there with her frozen in that perfect second for all eternity, I've yet to capture a picture of her to show her like that.

Daily I scan the usual places online - Wife Lovers, Show Me Your Wife, and the various newsgroups from which I download sometimes in a single day enough pictures of naked women to fill a few CDs. Though I go through my downloads fastidiously and reserve to my TDF (to-die-for) folder the pictures which I know will make my cock go bonkers when I'm jerking off, I keep going back for new images as often as I can, always in search of that one, elusive, perfect picture which will make my dick scream for release each and every time I look at it, and I keep snapping pictures of Dee longing to shoot that one which will be everything I want the perfect picture to be.

As Diogenes walked in daylight with a lamp in search of an honest man, so will I continue my seemingly impossible pursuit always remaining hopeful that someday my eyes will alight upon that quintessential photo which will sum up all of feminine sexuality. If I find it, please knock before entering, and bring along a box of tissues. Meanwhile, if you think you might have that picture for which I'm looking, send it along!

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tugun said...

How about putting up a picture archive for all the new fans? we have all missed so much