Thursday, June 30, 2005

Musings: Anticipation of "Date Night" Tonight

Dee just headed up to the shower after having sent me her morning chat with Mike. My favorite excerpt:

mike: I want to lick and finger all of your holes tonight. mmmm
dee: sounds good- I can't wait to have your cock in my mouth while Tom fucks me - or vice versa

Yes, tonight is our weekly "date night" and apparently that was in the back of my mind all night long even as I slept because I awoke to the sounds of Dee feeding the cats which usually doesn't stir me, and as soon as I became conscious my head was filled with a veritable slide show of images involving Dee, Mike, Tom, and me. Of course that little scenario that I copied from Dee and Mike's chat was in there too because I know she loves a good "spit roast" where she's on all fours with a cock in her pussy or ass from behind with another hard dick in her mouth. I love her to pieces for being this damned hot, in addition to the other many reasons that make her one in a million.

My cock is stiff as I'm writing this because I know that my wife is upstairs naked beneath the warm spray and that I'll be joining her with the camera when I hear the bathroom door open. I really like teasing Mike with some pictures on a day when I know that he's going to be making love with her - showing him all of the soft places on Dee's body where he's going to touch, lick, and kiss her, especially her soft, warm mouth, juicy pussy, and tight little asshole, all three of which will gladly welcome him inside tonight if he so chooses to enjoy each of them.

It's tough to try to put words together on a morning like this because my brain has free rein to go where it might in imagining the various ways in which Dee will couple with Mike and Tom tonight. If you've never really watched a woman suck a cock nor seen a bare dick working the slick hole of a lady who truly wants it to be in there doing its magic, particularly when that woman is your own wife, you probably can't understand the level to which I'm excited. If you're here because you're hoping to turn your own wife into a "hot wife" I wish you all the best because I know what it feels like to be on my side of the bed and I wouldn't want to be without this.

Admittedly I have a touch of what I call "the hunger" building in me as well; that's my pet name for my strong desire to suck some cock. On that note I recall, as my cock sits here leaking precum, a singularly distinct moment last week on our date with Don. It was the end of the evening and Don had held back his orgasm for a few hours while fucking Dee in just about every position they could manage and giving her probably more than two dozen great climaxes with his cock alone and not counting the times he fingered and licked her to orgasm besides. With a heavy sigh he finally squirted a mighty load into Dee's pussy and then leaned forward to kiss her with his cock still embedded in her for a few minutes. Knowing how much I enjoy getting some close up shots of Dee's pussy filled with and then dripping cum Don told me when he was about to withdraw so I could move in with the camera. His slick, still semi-hard dick slid out of Dee's soaked hole and I shot a couple of pics in rapid succession as the viscous load leaked from her pussy and slid down between her round buns and over her asshole.

Out of the corner of my eye, though, there was Don's cock thick with a coating of Dee's natural pussy lube and his own cum and it had never looked more delicious. I engulfed the entire length of it with my mouth and ran my tongue around it, cleaning up every last bit of the mixture of Dee's and Don's co-mingled juices and then drew it out between my tightly pursed lips to drain onto my tongue the little bit of cum that hadn't gotten pumped into Dee. It was an awesome moment and I lost myself entirely in what I was doing for a few minutes; I don't think I ever enjoyed having Don's cock in my mouth as much as I did right then, and it's been in my mouth many, many times in the past three years. Though I've yet to take a full load of cum in my mouth I have to confess that the taste of what I got last week "straight from the spigot" was very good and uniquely different from what I get when I lap Dee's vulva right after she's been fucked.

And so I sit here waiting for tonight and eager to feel both Mike's and Tom's stiff cocks in my mouth at some point, and my tongue dancing around on their balls. Though I'm not of the cuckold mentality (i.e. "You! Sit there in the corner and shut up, and when I'm done with your wife I'll let you know.") I love getting a dick ready to fuck Dee. I find my oral talents to be most appreciated later in an evening of pleasure after a guy has already cum in Dee a time or two, when I set my mouth to getting him hard to fuck her again. Not only do I savor the feeling of the stiff flesh between my lips and on my tongue (and occasionally poking the back of my throat) but I relish knowing that my work will directly contribute to Dee's next round of being pleasured when that rock hard cock slips back up into her. Incidentally, both Mike and Tom have sucked my own cock too on various occasions. Tom's the only guy to date to have sucked me to orgasm - and swallowed!

I've got to stop reaching down to rub my dick between sentences or I won't have the big load that I want to give to Dee later. While now and then, like last week for example when Don was prolonging his climax for a long time, I cum inside Dee before her lover(s) I generally like to stay on the sidelines until he/they have had at least one good orgasm with her. It builds my excitement even more to watch the guys climax in her and the feel of sloppy seconds is out of this world (if you wait till most of the cum has dripped out and only a coating remains on the lining of her sheath or you'll get no friction at all). Thank heaven I'm not one of those guys who cums and then immediately wants to put away his dick and clear the room. My own climax is never necessarily the end of an evening of play, and we're generally good till Dee's exhausted and ready to call it quits. My squirting up into Dee's belly, though, is definitely the highlight of an evening for me so I really need to start behaving myself here so I don't diminish what I might feel later inside her by cumming now.

I did pause while writing to take those pictures of Dee to send to Mike. The small pic at the head of this entry is one of them, showing Dee with her legs apart and her bottom fully accessible just as I'll see her tonight as both Mike and Tom approach her in turn with their cocks hard and ready to enter her. Yes, I do know just how lucky I am, and I love being here.


Ssugarlips said...

When did you first experience the *hunger* for a taste of another man's cock? Did Dee encourage you to pursue those cravings?

Do you and Dee actively look for bi-males? Has Dee expressed any desire to sexually explore another woman?

Thank you for sharing your desires so openly in your writing.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Ssugarlips, I would have described myself as a homophobe for most of my life. It wasn't until I got on the 'net around '97 and stumbled onto a gay website now and then when a bit of intrigue crept into me regarding other men's cocks, but it wasn't something I acted upon. Although I enjoyed the fantasies immensely I didn't know that, if given the opportunity to suck a man, I could actually go ahead and do it.

It wasn't until I watched Dee suck Don's cock that first time they made love that I felt what I describe as "the hunger" and knew for certain that I wanted to feel him in my mouth, especially after I watched him fuck my wife. I talked to Dee after that first evening of extramarital bliss and she encouraged me to ask Don if he'd be OK with it. Not only was he amenable to it, but he confessed that he had the same curiosity. The next time we saw him we both sucked each other a little; now it's a regular part of an evening with him.

Mike was a "convert." For the first few times I stayed away from his dick because of his feelings about such things, but after a while he welcomed me to suck him while he was kissing and cuddling with Dee. A few more times later and he took me into his mouth too, and now it's a regular part of our play with him too.

No, we don't actively seek out bi males, but it seems that most guys are curious to begin with and welcome the chance to be sucked by another guy, and some to do a little sucking in return. The majority of the guys we've seen have had no qualms about me wanting to taste their cocks.

Dee has been licked to orgasm by another woman on more than one occasion, but has no desire to be on the other side of that equation. She has licked and sucked another woman's nipples, and snowballed my cum to another woman in an incredible tongue kiss, though.

Thanks for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated and I enjoy the chance to respond specifically to what folks might want to know which isn't covered in my writings to date.

Ssugarlips said...

Thanks so much for expanding on your thoughts, Joe. I've enjoyed your adventures for a while now, but this blog has greatly increased my enjoyment.

GeorgeVanna said...

thanks, joe

glad you guys are doing ok