Saturday, June 11, 2005

Musings: What I Like in Nude Pics

I've been a loyal fan of pictures of the nude female body since I was about ten years old and discovered a pin-up calendar hanging in the workshop of one of my great uncles. It was a classic pose of the 60's Playboy variety with the girl posed sideways, kind of sitting/kneeling with her buns on her own heels and her arms up with her hands clasped behind her head to lift her stiff nippled tits to perky perfection. My little cock sprang up in my pants and I knew I'd stumbled onto something entirely magical in that picture. I often wonder with a chuckle how long it took my great uncle to discover that it was missing, or if he ever figured out that it wasn't my great aunt who made it disappear.

As a high school freshman in the early 70's I took the local transit authority busses to town and then hoofed the quarter of a mile or so to the school, passing every day on my walk a luncheonette where I knew they sold men's magazines at the counter. Waiting one afternoon till there were no other customers in sight I approached the owner and literally trembled as I asked him if I could buy a Playboy. He had a grandfatherly twinkle in his eye and he winked at me with a smile as he took a Playboy from the little metal stand, laid it on the counter in front of me, and rang it up. For the next four years I was a faithful customer smuggling home in my gym bag the month's latest Playboy, then later Penthouse and Hustler as well. (On my twenty-first birthday I visited that same luncheonette where I flipped old Frank a silver dollar and thanked him for "taking care" of me during my youth.) My poor mom who found all my magazines eventually while cleaning once remarked that with all the "dirty books" she'd found in my room (and gotten rid of) she could open a store. Wise-assed I sighed, "Why don't you, and then sell them back to me for half price?" It was a running battle till I married Dee and left mom and dad's house.

Thank heaven that Dee was never one of those shrewish women who forbid their men to look at nudie pics. She knew that I was a dyed in the wool aficionado of girlie mags from very early on in our courtship because I used to bring the latest Penthouse to her dorm room and read to her from Penthouse Letters while fingering her pussy during our foreplay. Though she's not bi she even looked at the pictures in the mags with me and was sufficiently secure to admire a great set of tits or perfectly sculpted ass right along with me. A few years later, after sex fell by the wayside for Dee and she had little or no use for it, she never begrudged me my stash of mags. Later, when I got on the internet and discovered the rich treasure of online porn available there Dee didn't care how much of it I viewed; after all, if I was jerking off in front of the computer late at night looking at pictures of other women's pussies I wasn't bothering her for hers.

(Who'd've guessed that some years down the road Dee's love of sex would come back and with a rabid intensity, and that she'd be posing for pictures heself expressly because she likes making guys' dicks hard and having sex with a variety of extramarital lovers? Not I, even in my wildest dreams!)

It was when I found some amateur pics in the newsgroups that my world turned upside down - nearly as much as when I discovered some years in the future that I was bi. I can't say exactly when it happened, but in retrospect I should have carved the date into some sturdy piece of wood - the top of my desk, perhaps, because the realization was that profound to me. Namely, it was this - that nude pictures of regular women, specifically other men's wives, were infinitely more arousing and erotic than any perky little bimbo body I'd ever seen with a staple through her navel. It hit me in the brain all at once like an ice cream headache with a powerful bang as soon as I decoded those very first pics of real-life hotties and brought them up on the monitor. There they were in all their naked glory, usually in middle age with bodies that betrayed that they'd been around the block a few times, posed for their husbands' cameras in poses that pretty much said, "Here I am, world! Look at me! If you don't like what you see, it's your loss!" My not-so-little-anymore cock sprang up in my pants and I knew I'd stumbled onto something entirely magical in those pictures.

It was precisely, exactly, indubitably knowing that I was looking at "used" bodies that aroused me to a degree of excitement I'd never achieved before whilst looking at nudie pics, not even when I was 14 and hiding under the covers with a flashlight, a Playboy, and a hard dick that I didn't really quite know what to do with yet. It's kind of like this - the young chickies in the magazines with the picture perfect bodies - well, you never really know if they've done anything wild with those bodies except pose them in front of somebody's camera. Have their stiff nipples ever been sucked passionately in the backs of cars or tweaked in the back rows of theaters? Have their soft, sweet lips ever tasted cocks and balls? Have their tongues ever poked through naughty smiles to stretch strings of precum from the tips of bloated dicks? Have their assholes been licked and at least fucked a little experimentally? And, ultimately, have they ever taken scalding loads of cum from even one bareback cock? Maybe - but - and it's a big but - you don't know!

Show me, though, a soft, stretch-marked belly and there you have it - a darling woman whose cunt was splashed with white hot jizz at least once, and that very thought is my personal ultimate when it comes to seeing pics of nude ladies - knowing that they've done it! Now granted there are no guarantees out there, but I'd venture to bet that a lady who's going to roll around naked for her husband's camera has done most of what there is to do - has sucked some dick, licked some balls, had her clit and slit slurped in return, and has laid back with her legs up high or gotten down on all fours with her snatch itching and dripping to be fucked royally. She's more than likely honed her keen sex skills through the years and could make a cock stand up, dance, and talk with just a quick lick of her lips and a shit-eating grin long before her daughter or granddaughter could get out of her Jeans.

The astute reader, (if anybody with astuteness ever persuses this blog), might be thinking, What about hard core porn with hard bodied ladies? You know they've done it all. Aren't they as exciting as a naked wife on Wife Lovers or some similar online site? Well, yeah, they look good and they do it well, but do you know if any one of them is doing it for the sheer fun and joy of it rather than for the fee? Nope, you don't, especially when you hear those contrived moans, groans, and Fuck me babys that usually aren't even in sync with the thrusting nor the girl's lips. There and then, as soon as money changes hands in professional porn and a woman's clothes are off to make a buck, the extreme erotic effect is totally lost on me. The same is true with the pro-am "net whore" wives with their pay sites online; no matter how good they look, as soon as I see that "Members' Area" they've immediately lost whatever erotic power they might've had over me 'cause they're whoring themselves for money, not for the joy of stiffening dicks like mine. Sure I enjoy seeing a dick spearing a juicy hole regardless of the motive of the vagina in question, but when I'm ready to cum to some internet pics I want what I consider to be the most arousing sort of image in front of my eyes when it's time to squirt, and I'm not giving up a load to any lady with her clothes off for money regardless of how she looks or what she's doing.

To me, a wife like my own is the best that there is when it comes to stiffening up my dick. I want to see a lady who's done it all, and who's had a lot of fun doing it. I want to see a woman who's showing off her body proudly simply because it feels good to show it off, regardless of whatever overt or imagined flaws it might have. I want to see a naked lady who reads her own e-mail and enjoys knowing that there are lots of guys out there looking at her hard nipples and squishy hole and wishing they could fuck her - a lady who likes to feel her clitoris throbbing and who genuinely likes knowing that she can make a man's cock throb with a picture (or in a motel room). It's always my hope that the viewing public can see in my shots of Dee the kind of woman I've just described; I figure that there must be thousands of other guys out there who see feminine beauty as I see it myself. If you're one of them, I'm glad you stumbled upon this entry and I hope you'll follow the links over on the right to see some of Dee's pics.

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WantonMale said...

Dude, you so nailed it! I am right there with you. There is just something inherently better about amateur pictures. It is so much more real. They are the women you check out at the grocery store, the lady with the awesome rack you had to stare at. The woman standing next to you in the bank line with the skirt that shows off her ass. Amateur posers are the everyday women we all check out and now we get to see them with clothes off. It is a huge thrill and make me harder than some plastic, industry girl.